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How to achieve the best Summer body

The best summer body
The best summer body
Victoria secret

Are you looking to shed a few pounds for the beach? Are you looking forward to flaunting your most beautiful self, down the shore? Are you prepared to post a selfie on Instagram and Facebook to receive hundreds of likes. If this sounds like you, keep reading and look no further. This article will tell you how to achieve that beach body you covet.

The first tip is to start doing morning cardio. Going for a nice jog in the morning or a quick run will help you lose those extra pounds. Cardio in the morning gets the metabolism going faster. The faster your metabolism the faster you burn fat. If you want to burn even more calories, you should try doing fasted cardio. Fasted cardio is when you work out before eating your first meal. Most cardio fanatics will have a glass of lemon water and start their fasted cardio.

Speaking of water, how much have you had today? Try drinking a gallon of water a day. Not only will this flush the toxins out of your system but it’s an easy way to stay full throughout the day. Drinking a glass of water before and during a meal will help you eat smaller portions. Water is what makes up most of our bodies. A lot of people that have oily skin actually have dehydrated skin. The skin works overtime to keep it lubricated. The same can happen with your other organs. Your body may retain water because you’re not drinking enough. Once you consume more and more water, you will have to visit the rest room more often but you will see a slimmer waist.

Now that we’re on a topic of liquids, you should try a 30 day smoothie and juice cleanse. Most people lose between ten to twenty pounds. A lot of people that do this cleanse are not clean eaters to begin with therefore they have a lot of waste in their body to get rid of. During this cleanse you may learn a lot about your eating habits. You may be a bored eater. You eat when you have nothing to do with your hands. You may be an emotional eater. You eat when you’re stressed, feeling down or as a way to celebrate. You may also be a person that needs to keep their mouth busy. Some people just need the act of eating. To read more about this cleanse please click here.

The fourth tip is to find a bathing suit that is right for your body type. People are made in different shapes and sizes and what may look good on one person, may not look as amazing on the other person. You need to wear clothes that are your size. Don’t dress for the body you want dress for the body you have. On that note, don’t hide your body in baggy clothes. That does not help with anything. You look uncomfortable and you’ll probably overheat. Here is a link to a website that speaks about finding an outfit for your body type. Please click here.

The last tip to achieve the best summer body is the most difficult thing to do. Most people tend to fail when attempting this. The most secret tip to achieve the best beach body is to take your body to the beach. That’s it. Confidence is the most beautiful thing a person can wear. Confident is the most beautiful a person can be. You don’t need to be a size five to be sexy or attractive. You shouldn't try to please other people to begin with. You need to start loving yourself and realize that someone will always have something to say and someone will always be better than you. It’s a shame to think this but it’s true. You should strive for progress not perfection.

Enjoy your summer body!

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