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How to achieve style and practicality in home decorating

How many times have your thumbed through home decorating magazines or watched a decorating show on television, and see beautiful designs you loved,yet knew they weren't practical? Unfortunately, the media likes to promote "pretty" over "practical" leaving many homeowners feeling like they can never achieve a great style without compromise. The key thing to remember when you see styles and designs you like is the compromise lies in the design. There's always an alternative.

Find the deals. There are certain stores throughout the United States that offer wonderful designer styles that are practical for every day people. Stores like Pier 1 Imports, even Big Lots often have stylish accessories that will give you similar looks that are at a fraction of the cost. When looking for furniture that has an expensive designer feel, remember to look for sleek lines paired with soft fabrics and solid colors. An example of a simple sofa with a nice shape and easy to cover would be: Sofab Angel Sofa. If you enjoy contemporary design, check out : Hercules Imperial Series Leather Sofa. If you enjoy a contemporary edge in design, you may like the clean simplicity of this sofa : Bear in mind to chose shapes of sofas that can easily be covered with a slipcover to give you more options if you should decide to change your style or color scheme.

Bedroom designs that are tired, need a boost. Designer Bedding can be extremely expensive but the real key to getting a chic and designer look is with picking a good quality, yet simple comforter or duvet and adding layers of contrast with throws and pillows. Keep large surfaces like drapes and comforters solid, and add the interest and pattern in removable layers through out the space and you'll create a much more random yet pulled together look. Now if you do chose to go with patterns on your bedding you can do so by keeping the number of colors involved to a minimum. Here's an example of a fresh design using pattern but not multiple colors: Chezmoi Collection. Many times we get caught into that "matchy-matchy" look and they are fine for a while but at some point you may become bored with it because you're limited design wise. If you love the value of the bed in a bag approach, try to find solid colors so you can use layers and contrasting accessories.

Avoid getting backed into a corner. One problem consumers face when they go to find decorative pieces and items is there are a flood of "themed" items on the market. Beware of anything too themey, and yes for the purposes of this article that will be a word “themey.”.How many of us found ourselves trying to obliterate themed wallpaper, covered in grapes, or even the revered Holstein cows of the 80's? Themes are like trends they come and go. Classic design lasts forever. Why? Because classic design doesn't follow trends rather uses time honored style, design that is bases in exceptional function and practicality. Do not let a current trend or fad dictate to you what looks good. For those on a budget these tactics prey on you and as such you end up trading a long lasting design for a temporary fad. It may seem cheaper initially but in the long run you're spending more because fads and trends are generally short lived.

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