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How to achieve a flawless makeup application


When you watch an actress grace across the screen of your TV, you see her flawless skin and her perfect makeup application. You wonder to yourself, why can't I look like that? Well, you can! I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect beauty in this world. It takes a little help from your powder, your blush, and your mascara. But in the end, you achieve what you are looking for; a flawless makeup application.

First of all, the number one thing you should always do is wash your face. Your skin care regimen should always be something you should never live without. Imagine your face as a grape, soft and smooth because you take care of it. The more you wash and care for your face, the more easily makeup will glide on. If you don't wash or care for your face, makeup will look cakey and not as smooth; imagine your skin like that of a raisin. Exofliate once a week, if you have trouble remembering, buy a face wash with exofilant in it. It will help remove dead skin cells and give you softer, smoother, younger looking skin. I enjoy this face wash from Equate. It helps remove my dead skin cells giving me the skin I want to work with.

The next step, always moisture! Giving your skin some moisture will help prevent cracking and dry skin , especially during the bitter winter times. Buy one with SPF embedded into the cream for those hot summer days when you have to go out for errands. It will help protect your skin from getting skin cancer. Moisturizing your face gives makeup an easy application so as not to look overdone. It is softer and smoother. Just by doing your part, makeup will look better on you. I use L'Oreal's Active Daily Moisture with an SPF of 15. If you have uneven tones, you can purchase tinted moisturizers, it will even your skin tone.

After all this is completed, your makeup comes next. When it does come into contact with your skin, it will appear softer and smoother. Your friends will dazzle at how much of an artist you are at applying your makeup. You will smile secretly because you do your job in taking care of your skin.