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How this “church lady” makes a big difference in at-risk Denver kids lives

Tammy and kids
Tammy and kids
Tammy Dameron

As a child, Tammy was in an abusive home, and that gave her compassion and a burden for kids in difficult home situations. Where she grew up, there was a little Baptist church that reached out to her. A neighbor also had a Good News Bible club she went to. These ministries cared for the kids in the neighborhood, and as result of their love, they introduced her to Jesus who changed Tammy’s heart. Now God is using her to help others in the same situation she grew up in.

She has spent the last 18 years working with kids, first through a college program called Colorado Uplift, and then through Child Evangelism Fellowship in her home. Tammy knows what it’s like to live on welfare, and lived in section 8 housing until she was the recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home in Lakewood.

Reed Street Ministry reaches at-risk kids

She was a divorced single mom and raised her kids the best she could. She eventually remarried Keith, and now lives in a west Denver neighborhood where she now ministers to 30 kids from the neighborhood. Tammy’s Reed Street Ministry reaches out to many kids who need someone who cares. She now holds a Bible study in her home four days a week, and once a month on Saturdays, she has a different outreach event for the kids. She also has reading groups during the week for 2-3 students where they read from the Bible.

Tammy babysits in the mornings to help support this at-risk-youth ministry. Even though she is a missionary with the North American mission Board, she has to raise her own support. She is so busy doing ministry, that she doesn’t have time to seek assistance. Last month she received $50 towards the things she needs to supply for the kids. She purchases food for the kids after school snacks, children's Bibles, prizes, Christmas and other holiday presents, school supplies, backpacks and supplies for the monthly activities. She does all this with her own money and resources.

Two kids lives touched by this ministry

Arianna is 13 years old and one of 12 kids, her mom is a drug addict and left the family some time ago. Arianna lives with her dad and grandmother in a motel on West Colfax. Six people share a one room motel unit with no kitchen. This family has lived in these conditions now for the last 2 years.

Lucas is 9 years old, his mother has been in and out of jail and the hospital many times over his short life mainly because of her using drugs. Lucas is in the 3rd grade and has no father. There have been many different men in his life, but they are only there to use his mom and are in and out of her life. He has a younger brother and his grandmother is raising the two boys.

This “church lady’s” life touched by Jesus

People in the neighborhood call Tammy the “church lady.” She is a member of Riverside Church in Denver where she takes the kids to activities on Wednesday nights. Tammy recently brought Lucas to Riverside Church, and he gave his heart and life to Jesus during a Vacation Bible School in June. This is a good example of how God used the bad stuff in Tammy’s life and turned it into a ministry to help others for good and for His purposes. Tammy gives all the glory to God for what he has done in her life and how he is using her to help change the lives of these at-risk kids.

Ongoing needs

Reed Street Ministry has many ongoing needs. The number one need is for volunteers to help with reading groups. Currently, she only has one volunteer that helps one day a week. Tammy needs additional volunteers who can commit 30 minutes-one hour, one day per week for the reading groups. She also needs volunteers to help with Boys night and girls night, one night per week for a Bible lesson, snack time and an activity. Other needs include transportation to get the kids to the once-a-month activities and to church on Wednesday evenings.

Because someone cared enough to share the saving power of Jesus with Tammy when she was a child, she found the one who can also change these at-risk kids lives. Now Tammy shares the love she received as a child, and pours her life into these kids, and tells them about the Good News of Jesus. To help financially or to find out more about volunteering, Tammy can be contacted at

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