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How thin is too thin: the skinny on model weight and dress sizes

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Without a doubt, Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived and graced the silver screen, however, what would you say if you knew the fact if the blonde bombshell walked into a movie studio or modeling agency today she'd be told she was too fat. What would you say if you learned that if legendary model "Twiggy" was breaking into modeling today, she'd also have to lose a few pounds? How about if you passed Robyn Lawley on the street? Would you ever dream she was a "plus size" model? Or how about the fact that supermodel and creator of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks was ridiculed for putting on some weight after she stopped modeling professionally?

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Unfortunately, these questions are not speculation they are fact in today's modeling world. What's worse? There are models out in the work force right now literally starving themselves to death to keep their jobs and the fashion industry turns a blind eye even though they are very aware of the situation. So how thin is too thin? It seems like the fashion industry is listening these days, but, few are implementing changes to address the issue, and, even industry powerhouses like Tim Gunn (who would like to see a season of Project Runway where models are size 12 or larger) have their words and wishes fall on deaf ears.

Oh sure every Fashion Week the weight debate comes up, but, when push comes to shove the designers go for the tallest, thinnest models they can book. Why? It has nothing to do with cost, it has to do with the fact the thinner and taller the model, the better the garments look. So the real challenge here is getting designers to stop designing clothing for women who have the same shape as Olive Oyl and get them to design for real women. And why don't they? Good question and not one of them has provided a good answer. Yet. One thing is certain, no one should have to die in the name of fashion. No one!