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How the stimulus pie is cut in Colorado

Whatever your economic beliefs about government spending, or your political feelings about President Obama, there's no denying that the federal stimulus has - and will - pump lots of money into Colorado.

The stimulus bureaucrats in the governor's office have been toting up the money - as they're required to do by federal bureaucrats - and recently reported what they calculated.

It's estimated that Colorado and its residents are due to receive about $5.5 billion in stimulus money and benefits over the three-year life of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

A little over $1 billion of that is in tax cuts and Social Security payments for individuals. More than $600 million is for unemployment benefits and job training, and nearly $850 million is for health care, such as Medicaid.

Education stimulus spending in the state adds up to about $1.1 billion, more than half of which is going to the state's public colleges and universities to replace state support that's been cut.

Interestingly, only about $1.2 billion of the grand total has been spent, meaning the impact of most of those dollars is yet to be felt.

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