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How the Full Moon Affects Each Sun Sign

In 2014, the first Full Moon was on the 16th of January in Cancer. Whenever a Full Moon occurs, our lives go through various changes, some more obvious, others quite subtle. In the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at each Sun sign and how it is affected by the Full Moon.

For people born under this sign, the Full Moon favors taking initiative and making changes, either related to their careers or their homes. This is due to the fact that the Full Moon creates a sense of security needed for one to act upon one’s thoughts.

Taurus individuals should create professional partnerships under the Moon’s influence. The only thing to take into consideration is that the business they choose is the one they really want. Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, all brought together, ensure that the partnership will be lasting.

If Geminis have been waiting for a long time to receive a certain form of payment – especially a check –, then it is most likely that they will receive it when there’s a Full Moon. One way or another – if not financially, then in a different area – these people will experience abundance.

In the case of Cancer people, relationships are exacerbated by the Full Moon’s influence. Individuals born under this sign should love themselves first, and only after that focus on their significant other. It is a favorable time for true lovers to nurture their connection.

Under this astrological influence, it is Leos’ health that comes into focus. They should take time to relax and destress, get plenty of sleep, and do some form of physical activity. It is important to recover the energy and vitality which is lost through other activities.

Virgos should seek social events to attend on the night of the Full Moon. Under this influence, people born under this Sun sign are the soul of the party, the perfect conversationalist and guest.

For Libra individuals this is a great time in terms of job and career. It could be that they receive a promotion or that they find a new job, they begin an exciting project finally or receive an unexpected offer. No matter which of these happens, change will surely occur.

The Full Moon favors the settlement of certain issues. While under this influence, it would be a good idea to solve legal matters and to look for opportunities to get in touch with other people.

Sagittarians will experience a sense of security and stability under the influence of this astrological event. If Archers have been confronted with major stress and difficult situations, they will finally get the chance to relax and find inner peace.

The main focus of the Capricorns during the Full Moon is their relationship and life partner. If there is any talk about deeper commitment, the Full Moon represents a decisive moment because it provides an opportunity to strengthen any relationship.

If Aquarians have been waiting to fully enjoy the fruits of their work, they will finally have the chance to do it: their position at the workplace will be secured under the Full Moon’s influence. Whether they’ve just finished an important project or they may have just begun one, progress will abound.

The Full Moon brings creativity in the lives of Pisces people. Self-expression through creative means is encouraged at this time. These astrological circumstances provide a great opportunity to spend time with children who take an interest in art.

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