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How the Edge Stole Christmas Lineup

2009 Lineup
2009 Lineup

The lineup for How the Edge Stole Christmas was released yesterday on the air. Sad to say, last year's was better for me. My biggest highlight is Flyleaf. Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach are the big names for sure. Since AFI has been releasing new material, this will be a big show for them. 30 Seconds to Mars will be a hit because they are amazing live.

But are these strong shows for fans? Will they be as big as last year (Snow Patrol, Death Cab For Cutie, and Blue October)? I find myself wishing for a bigger variety in genres. Most of the bands lined up are all mainstream rock that is overplayed on the radio. This is why last years' was more refreshing; they brought a spectrum of rock.

Cage the Elephant has been getting a lot of buzz lately. They blend a little blues, with Everclear story telling, and quieter guitar strums. Bringing something different to the stage is definitely going to help them here. It will also bring an array of people.

Dead By Sunrise is Chester Bennington's (Linkin Park) new side project. His vocals shine through and really keep the music tight and mainstream. But the beats and general sounds are not as heavy as LP. It's reminiscent of their first album, where all you could focus on was his voice because it was so different. They are a band to watch and follow. Their single "Crawl Back In" has been playing for a bit on the airwaves, and became popular faster than I had expected.

The smaller groups clench me in. But is it enough for me to go? Not sure yet. Will you be going?


  • nondairybullet 5 years ago

    Do u know the full lineup is for december 3rd & 4th?

  • Brenna 5 years ago

    Yes I did. Sorry, didn't realize I made it seem like it was all one night.