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How the Christian should understand Thanksgiving

Everyday should be a day of thanksgiving for the Christian.  To be redeemed from sin is the greatest blessing there is.  God's forgiveness for man's sin is neither merely an Easter event and although food enjoyed on Thanksgiving Day makes many people happy, happiness comes from a true relationship with Christ.

There is much speculation about the true origin of the Thanksgiving tradition.  However, the act of spending time with family and breaking bread together is a fellowship teaching of Christ himself.  It is always important to know the purpose of a tradition to understand its functioning value and the soundness of participating in it.

The majority of Christians celebrate Thanksgiving as a time with friends and family and possibly feeding the homeless or visiting a shelter. Some share the history of the Pilgrim's tradition from a Christian point of view in order to show the importance of giving and being thankful. Yet, whether the fourth Thursday of November arrives is not as important as the arrival of Thanksgiving in the heart!

"Having food and raiment, let us be therewith content." I Timothy 6:8