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How the Asiana aproach to San Fransisco should have looked

Landing in San Fran
Landing in San Fran

In light of the recent landing accident in San Francisco here is an amazing video clearly showing an excellent approach. The aircraft is an airbus not a Boeing but the instrumentation and process is identical. For anyone that is a not a pilot this video is an amazing inside look of an approach - landing - and parking to the gate.

Many questions have been raised about the Asiana crew since the accident, and unfortunately speculation abounds. It is not uncommon for pilots to fly their first approach and landing on a new aircraft under the watch of a more experienced pilot. What the data reported by the NTSB however reveals that us puzzling is the lack of communication between the Asiana pilots, unlike the Lufthansa pilots that communicated effectively and frequently cross-checked the information they received.

While speculation abounds we still do not know for sure what happened. It is clear that the aircraft was flying both lower and slower than required for the approach. It appears that the weather was not an issue as it was fair and clear. Additionally the aircraft appears to have been in excellent operating order - when the pilots tried to go-around seconds before the crash the engines responded appropriately.

Flying is a complex and precise act. To put it in perspective had the aircraft been a mere fifty feet higher there would have been a rough landing but no accident and no loss of life.