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How the anti-gay hysteria of Fred Phelps helped gay rights

Fred Phelps, the "God hates f-gs" guy died this past March 19. Although Phelps really hated gays, and supposedly spoke for a deity who hated gays also, he was a man who probably did more to further gay rights and marriage equality then almost anyone else in the U.S.

Yes, you heard that right. Phelps and his Westboro's (Kansas) Baptist's Church's history of boycotting funerals of gay men and women (and military funerals because we aren't persecuting gay men anymore, I guess) showed such a cartoonish version of anti-gay hysteria that it made many people on the fence when it comes to gay rights, supporters.

Heck, even hardcore anti-gay folks like Pat Robertson or Rick Santorum did not want to be associated with Phelps. I don't know if anyone started opposing gay rights because of Phelps. Phelp's and his church might have done well in nations like Nigeria where gays are beaten by mobs and lashed with whips in courts that make a mockery of the term justice, but in America, he was a joke. Even in states like Alabama he wasn't taken seriously.

So just in case there is a god and Phelps is explaining himself to this deity, I hope Phelps does a good job defending his hatred of gays to this god, who supposedly made them like everyone else. Now, if Phelps was right and there is a god and this god does hate gays, then this god is no better then Phelps, though just with more magic tricks.

By the way, if you want to support gay rights and marriage equality, please support the Human Rights Campaign. Thanks.