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How the 200+ Air New Zealand passengers stranded in Honolulu can enjoy it

Although some people might need to get back home to Sydney or are missing a big business meeting, being stranded in Honolulu for three days isn’t the worse that could happen to airline passengers, but it is what it is so make the most of it mates.

How to enjoy being stranded on Oahu--go to dinner at Chef Mavro
Richard Pietschmann
Go for a sunset cocktail at the Halekulani
Richard Pietschmann

An Air New Zealand flight from Oahu to Sydney was canceled due to mechanical problems and it seems they just can’t get it fixed. According to today’s (July 29) the Sydney Morning Herald, “Hundreds of Air New Zealand customers will spend another night in Honolulu as the airline works to fix the plane that's been stranded in Hawaii since Sunday night.” The article said it Flight NZ9 was supposed leave for Australia three days ago and it’s now going to be flight NZ6889 departing tomorrow (July 30) morning.

It apparently takes time to get parts to the island and sometimes the part the arrives doesn’t resolve the problem, which is what happened according to an Air New Zealand spokeswoman. Online news sources following developments are reporting that the airline is offering passengers roughly $1,000 US or miles in compensation. There was no word about whether they were put up in hotels since a grand doesn’t cover much in Honolulu these days.

Regardless, being stranded in paradise for three days could be a lot of fun. Honolulu Airport is just about a half-hour ride from Waikiki where there’s hotels, restaurants and shops. The airport also a short hop to Ala Moana Shopping mall where a person could spend lots of time and money and also have some mighty fine food at various venues.

Oahu has a fantastic bus system and passengers could see the entire island by buying a cheap ticket with transfers. There are also movie theatres and the piece de resistance the beach with balmy seas and mesmerizing sunsets, happy hour cocktail services where hula dances and ukulele players entertain you (especially at the Halekulani Hotel). There’s breakfast specials at Peter Merriman’s Hula Grill. And, if you want to splurge there’s Chef Mavro, that serves some of the best food in all the islands created by George Mavro himself.

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