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Concert tickets can be very motivating!
Concert tickets can be very motivating!
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I am a 43 year old housewife who happens to love rap! I have a son that is 17 that happens to be a rapper! He and I had gone to see a rap concert in Indianapolis in February and while we were there we noticed that Tech N9ne would be coming in May. I was quite excited, and decided that we should go. It was getting closer to the concert and I was so excited! I was very excited about people watching. Then it was the Friday before the concert which was the next day. I was still so excited and couldn't wait to dance. There was no seating there, It was an old historical building in Indianapolis. So you just stood up the whole time and danced like crazy! But I had a little problem that had plagued me all week; I had been having shortness of breath and a pain in my back. Well, I am asthmatic so I went to the doctor on Friday and I thought I maybe had a touch of pneumonia and probably needed a steroid shot and would be good to go! So, I went to my doctor and explained to him the problem and then my husband showed him all my bruises. I hadn't thought anything about them because I had been working on de-cluttering the house and arranging things. My body gets going faster than my brain and I'm clumsy! I hadn't thought much about them. My doctor (who is very thorough) said I think I'll take a little blood and run some additional tests. He wanted me to also get chest x-ray, but I talked him into doing that on Monday. So, I left without anything that would help me! Two hours later my mom is standing over me saying that I needed to call the doctor. They they couldn't get a hold of me, The Doctor called her and told her to go to my house and wake me up and to have me call him. My mother and I both thought that was odd that he wanted us to call him directly. He also said that he was supposed to get off at noon, but he would wait for my call. I called him around 1:00 pm and he told me to get to Hux Cancer Center within the next hour and that they were waiting for me. He told me that I had Leukemia. They had been supposed to close at noon on Fridays also. He said I should also pack a bag for a couple of days. I called my husband at work and told him what was going on, and he said he was leaving and would meet us at home. My mom ran home to get some things. While waiting on both of them to return, I tried to pack a bag and get dressed and my brain was just not functioning. All I could think of was I'm going to miss the concert! When we arrived to meet the Doctor that would become my oncologist, he explained that I have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which was very rare in adults. I had 92% of my cells were diseased. The Doctor had explained that if we had not caught this I would have been dead in 2-3 weeks. All I could think then and now is thank God for that Tech N9ne concert! Otherwise I would have just put off coming to the Doctor like I always do and kept going somehow. I have had three months of treatment and still have quite a lot ahead of me, but thank God we found out! Thanks Tech N9ne!!