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How tech gadgets help writers make money

As an Internet Deals Examiner reporter in the tech gadget category, I understand the general public’s love of getting deals on the latest and greatest gadgets online. In fact, you might be the type that has so many portable screens crowding your house, you’ve been taking on extra work and more freelance writing clients in order to get the money to pay off the credit card bills that have been run up in order to acquire such technical toys.

If so, don’t despair over your shopping habits. I’ve learned to look at all my devices as investments – even more so after I spilled grapefruit juice on my MacBook Air’s backlit keyboard and was forced to do without my mainstay machine for about a week a few years ago while the Apple Store charged more than $700 to ship it off and get it fixed. It was worth the money, because devices become more than playthings to entrepreneurs who use them as a means of making a salary.

Here are the ways various devices can help freelance writers continue gaining income:

#1 – The mainstay laptops

MacBook laptops have replaced the Windows-based ones in my home, just like plenty of others. Therefore, the fact that I “splurged” and bought my husband a new MacBook Air and my daughter a refurbished MacBook Air for around $700 ended up being a part of my business resumption plan in times of technical disaster. The second time that a slight spill of lime juice and water made my MacBook Air’s backlit keyboard begin typing the pi symbol instead of the “p” key – as well as causing other typing problems – I used my daughter’s Mac as a replacement machine to keep the articles going and the money churning.

#2 – The tablets and phones for portable publishing

While my husband tends to favor his Samsung tablet, I’m all about Apple products. In fact, this article is being crafted using my iPad. It helps to have a tablet at the ready that’s able to hit the Internet at any time, even when WiFi isn’t available. By doing so, writers like me are able to publish breaking news stories from almost anywhere in the world – even using an iPhone.

Therefore, devices that are extremely portable with 3G access and excellent camera capabilities allow writers to not only publish articles immediately, but to include great-looking photos with them – not to mention the fact that they also help writers keep up with important emails on-the-go.

#3 – The valuable accessories

Beyond those main two categories of gadgets that help writers continue to churn out the words that bring us handsome incomes are the add-ons that end up becoming nearly as valuable as the main products they support.

I’m talking about items like the Logitech iPad 2 keyboard that I’m typing on right now, a product purchased from Best Buy that has turned a tablet into a virtual laptop in its own right, and makes typing a lot easier – especially when it comes to pieces like this one you’re reading now.

Therefore, if you’re in the writing business, stop thinking of a gadget addiction only in negative terms. Think of your devices more in terms of a back-up plan to be able to use in the event one fails – or, as it were, gets juice spilled all over its keyboard. Time to buy one of those cool keyboard protectors, I guess.

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