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How Swinging Can Help Release the 7 Year Itch caused by Marriage

How Swinging can help your marriage
How Swinging can help your marriageistock

Millions of marriage relationships round the globe are presently ending into unsuccessful relations owing to various physical and physiological problems. Couples develop various problems immediately after few months or hardly year after entering into a marriage relationship. And after 7 to 8 years this turns out into a devastating problem for both the partners as well as for the family as a whole.

What are the Problems that Marriages Face with Due Course of Time?

It has been found out in various surveys conducted by several social organizations that bonding of marriage seems to fall weak after a few years. Some of the well-known and researched facts responsible for developing complications in a marriage relationship are highlighted below:

· Couples find it extremely boring being in each other’s company as they feel there is nothing to explore new about the other partner.

· Both of them seem to take each other for granted in due course of time.

· The sexual experience between the couples seems very much predictable and this turns out to be a major problem for one or both the partners in the relationship.

· Lack of sexual advantages and failing to explore new excitements in sexual life also lead the couple to frustration and ultimately drive them to other complications.

· Couples lack in supporting the partner emotionally after a few years of marriage because both partners go into a saturation point. They reach a stage of life where they feel fulfilling the responsibilities is all about giving emotional support to the other partner.

To overcome these major difficulties in a relationship there are various prescribed methods. By following these methods one can to save his or her marriage. Swinging is one such powerful and well tested way to get the lost charm back into married life. Marriage counselors have even agreed that swinging is good for the relationship.

What is Swinging?

Swinging is a process in which couples interchange their partners to get involved in sexual relationship other than their regular sex partners. This short time engagement is done on the mutual consent of all the people involved in the marriage relationship. Each partner experiences some sexual pleasure from their swinging partners and again go back to their regular relationship with their committed partners.

How Can Swinging Help Release the 7 Year Itch That Many Marriages Face?

This process of exchanging partners or couple swapping has got diverse opinions from every corner of the society. Some state this as an irrational activity which is against the law of the society. On the other hand some strongly advocate the benefits of the couple swapping idea. Frankly speaking, it has been found that swinging has a great positive role to play in bringing the lost charm and stability of a marriage relationship. Given instances will elaborate the bright sides of swinging.

· Couples reported to get back the emotional and sexual stability in their relationship after the couple swapping experience.

· After swinging couples feel more enthusiastic and full of sexual desire towards their spouse which had almost dried out after a few years of marriage.

· A couple swapping experience can give a feeling of jealousy for their partner which ultimately results in a reluctant attitude in sharing their partners with others. As a result both of them get close to each other and understand their partner’s importance in their life and creating a stronger bond between them.

· The couple gets exposed to a sexual fantasy world and feels extremely rejuvenated and contented. In most of the casing it is seen that they come to their spouse with overwhelming sexual energy that they experienced from their swinging partner. And the end result is a colorful sexual life which was completely gone from their married life.

· Both the partners reported to show more openness towards discussing their sexual desire and both of them explore the new road of sex which was untouched in their 7 years of relationship.

· It is reported that swinging itself has saved thousands of relationships from ending in a divorce. The couples get back their loveable partners both emotionally and physically with a new and beautiful life ahead.

Marriage after 7 years generally become a boring experience and it seems that two persons are sharing the same bed out of contract and not out of love. That initial enthusiasm, energy and thirst for exploring each other simply dry up in long seven years after a marriage relationship. Swinging sites like SwingLifeStyle seem to be highly effective in bringing back the lost glamour and charm which was totally lost due to the long years spent together.

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