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How success shows up in a tarot reading

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Even though they don’t know what each tarot card individually means, lots of people read their own, making up a spread that seems right in the moment. It's a quick way to get a feel for whether something is good or bad. The vibe from one card or the whole schmeer helps them make a choice.

How does success show up in a tarot reading, and what are some details about a specific card that denotes success, which further illuminate the situation?

Six of wands: In the Waite deck picture, a young man with a very straight back is astride a horse. The horse is tricked out in a cape, the staff the young man carries has a victory wreath on it, and the basic feel from it is triumph/ It looks like someone victorious going into battle, and they're going to win again.

The kind of victory is determined by the element in which the action is taking place. Wands are associated with fire, and fire is associated with literal activity, whatever it is you are actually doing. The kind of success it’s talking about is: your plan is working, you are taking successful action.

There are other qualifiers to the kind of success the tarot is showing, as even one card, reflecting so many systems of correspondences, is contextual. The number six, the other cards around it in the spread, the element position in the spread it falls on…but the most important one is that it’s talking about some real world activity, and likely one that comes naturally to you.

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