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How Stress Affects Your Health and How BodyTalk Can Help

Stress... let's face it... we ALL have it. Work, family, paying the bills, driving in traffic, the state of world affairs- it is enough to send most of into overwhelm at some point or another.

The bad news is that stress contributes to over 75% of illness, according to the American Medical Association. It contributes to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, obesity (because we make poor diet and exercise choices), addictions, and so much more.

The good news is that there are simple and effective natural ways to help the body release stress and experience better health and well-being. One of these approaches is the BodyTalk System.

How does BodyTalk help with stress?

Let's use a simple analogy. If our nervous system is like a fuse box in an electrical system, we can say that stress fries this system and shorts the fuses... Communication within various body parts, organs, endocrines, and energy systems doesn't occur in the way that it needs to once the circuits are blown.

With BodyTalk, using simple yes/no muscle testing to communicate with the body's natural wisdom about what it needs and simple tapping over the head and heart, we can reset the fuses in the various areas where communication has been disrupted, allowing the bodymind to regain health. We have a simple way to tell the brain to communicate better with the heart or the stomach to synch better with the small intestines.

Just as the body has the natural ability to heal a cut on your finger without you thinking about clotting your blood, preventing an infection, and growing new tissue, the body has a natural ability to heal other illnesses and ailments. Sometimes it just needs some additional help. With BodyTalk, the help comes from a trained practitioner "listening" to what the body is saying through the symptoms and problems and then helping to indicate to the brain what changes need to be made to create better and health and wellbeing.

Because BodyTalk works WITH your body's natural healing abilities and follows priorities created by your own body, it is very safe and has no side effects.

If you are curious and want to learn more about one of the basic stand-alone techniques in the BodyTalk system, the cortices technique, check out this video. Tapping cortices balances your brain, reduces stress, and helps to improve communication within the bodymind.

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