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How Sony Is Winning The Next Gen

How Sony is winning the Next Gen war
How Sony is winning the Next Gen war

Most people have always thought that a time will come when Xbox will finally beat Sony Play Station in the market. However, this has not yet happened. Sony still maintains a commanding lead in terms of sales of the PS4 and related products. In fact, it seems that Xbox overtaking Sony is something that may never happen. This is because a look at the current US sales indicates that PS4 is still beating Xbox. This shows that Sony is still on top in the games industry.

Video game sellers have really had a good month in terms of sale in May 2014. The overall retail sale of video games went up by up b 52% this year compared to the same period last year. Software alone went up by 57% while hardware sales increased by a whooping 95%. The games industry has never experienced this level of growth from June 2008.

All the companies in the gaming industry have dedicated massive resource on innovation and development of new gaming concepts. None of these companies want to be left behind by other competitors in the market. This explains why there has been tremendous improvement in the gaming technology over the past few years. Each company is striving to produce something that will keep people subscribed. Consumers should therefore expect massive improvements in gaming technologies in the next few months.

For a long time, the specific details about sales have never been made clear. As it has always been, the specific details about the sales this time too were not made clear. However, recent revelations show that PS4 topped the list of video games sold. PS4 stayed at the top position for five months in a row. Therefore, the win for PS4 was largely expected by many people. 3DS moved up to the second position in May.

The origin of Wii U in relation to other hardware formats is still not clear. However, thanks to Mario Kart 8, its sales went up by 85%. If it was not for Mario Kart 8, this increase would probably have been lower. The surprising thing is that Mario Kart 8 was only in the chart for two days out of the 31 days of the month.
Unconfirmed reports also indicate that PS Vita sales were 56 000 consoles in the month of May. This is a very impressive increase compared to the 3000 consoles that were sold in the month of April. This was over 1800% increase. The increase was largely because Sony switched models, leading to stock issues.

For some reason, Kirby is very popular in the United States and Japan. Software like Kirby and supper Mario 8 experienced increased sales in both countries. The month of May has also been particularly good to Nintendo, a company which was on the ropes in the recent past. Nintendo too enjoyed increased sales. June’s results for Nintendo are anxiously being waited for. There is a feeling that the results will be very interesting.

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America boss was quoted saying that Wii U could beat both play station 4 and Xbox one in June because of Mario Kart 8. Wii U could also beat the two because of the confidence boost it got from E3. However, this may not happen because June is the month when Kincet-less-Xbox One is being introduced. This is likely to have a big effect on the sales of Xbox One. It is expected that it will lead to a dramatic increase in the sales of Xbox. Therefore, it is hard to tell which video game is going to get the highest number of sales in June. Time will tell.

For now, the video game industry seems to be riding high. All video game companies seem to be enjoying increased sales. There are no real losers in the industry. Everyone involved with the games is receiving only good news. Given the radical changes that take place in the industry, it is hard to tell what the future holds. For now, there is no doubt that PS4 will continue enjoy the top position for some months to come unless something extra-ordinary happens. So far, PS4 has sold very well not only in the US but all over the world. If Sony continues doing things that will keep people interested, things will be better for them.