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How some women are succeeding in technology

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It’s no secret that women’s percentage in the STEM fields is low; and that low number is reflected in the technology field, which is why Women in Technology’s motto is “Women in Technology puts careers on the fast track to success.”

The Atlanta-base organization develops and promotes women in the technology field in the state of Georgia, and supports women to succeed and blossom in the technology industry.

Women in Technology provides a pathway and opportunities to women that hadn’t been always there, so that they may obtain the necessary training, mentoring and leadership, and brings the needed programs and connections to women necessary in their journey to find success in the field of technology. Even at top levels women are in trouble, and because of this the organization has programs and connections put into place to give women an edge. Women should be developing their leadership skills and growing their abilities to become leaders of this world, society, and communities so therefore leadership skills aren’t tested once in the presence of men. To adjust this issue of women being weak leaders, Women in Technology increased its programs and number of networking connections so that top women of the industry, too, may develop their leadership skills, capabilities, and increase their visibility in the industry more.

Whether a student, executive, manager, or new to your company then WIT’s support is there to assist you. It’s called the blueprint for success, and it’s a plan that WIT designs just for the woman to succeed in the world of technology.