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How solid will the foundation be in your next relationship?

Simple beauty
Simple beauty

Let's face it, there are a lot of single people out there.

When it comes to relationships there are more people who have stayed in bad relationships then those who have come to the conclusion before it gets bad that, the person they are were with just wasn't the right person for them and moved on.

In all relationships there are lessons. The lesson for many should be what not to do next time. But do we really listen to our inner voice telling us to run away from this because it's not right for me. For many of us "NO" but for some others "YES." It is in those "YES" moments we realize,"There is something better than this for me."

Once a person gets to the point where they start to see, before a relationship gets started, if that person is the one for them is when they also realize that in order to be set apart you have to know yourself, understand yourself but most of all love yourself.

Self love is an emotional bond with self that can not be broken by any human. It is in this emotional connection and when an individual learns this feeling there is nothing greater. It is this time when a person has moved on from their past, accepted responsibility for their mistakes, have forgiven themselves but most importantly have asked for forgiveness from GOD and can look forward to their future.

In this moment of elevation is when a person will be at their best. They will appreciate the little things in life and not dwell on what they don't have. They will embrace the beauty of what this lifetime has to offer starting with loving self. They will also be appreciative and know that whenever the person they are truly meant to be with is sent they will start this new relationship on a foundation that stands on something more solid then they could have ever imagined.

Are you prepared for a relationship like this?

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