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How Social Media Impacts Today’s Auto Consumer

How Social Media Impacts Today’s Auto Consumer
How Social Media Impacts Today’s Auto Consumer

So long to the long, aggravating days of driving around from dealership to dealership searching for the best deal in town for the car of your dreams. Social Media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are changing the way we do things. The car industry is no exception to this new trend. Nowadays, it is as easy as checking one of your many social media accounts to decide on your next hot rod AND get the most car for your money.

Use Facebook to get updates in your news feed on your favorite vehicles. ‘Like’ dealerships that are local to you, as well as brands that you love to drive. This way you will automatically get updates on their inventory, or any upcoming promotions or events you need to know about. Don’t forget to ‘like’ the official brand pages too; you never know when they may announce their latest model or post a sneak-peek!

Want to find a Maserati Ghibli for sale? Simply search Instagram by relevant hashtags such as #Ghibli of #MaseratiGhibli and immediately displayed are thousands of images of your dream car. This is a great way to help you decide how to customize the exact car you want by color, extra performance packages, and after-market add-ons. You may even find private sellers advertising their car for sale and score the deal of the century.

Have a Twitter account? Use it to play different sellers against each other and score the best deal. You can do this in a few ways. Tweet directly at a few different dealerships and challenge them to offer you the best price on the car you’re set on buying. They will feel the pressure, forcing them to outbid their competition, while you sit back and reap the benefits. Another tactic is to simply post a tweet about the car you want to buy; aggressive sellers searching for tweets with those keywords will find your tweet and contact you to set up a transaction.

Search Pinterest to find thousands of pins of your favorite vehicles. Global Autosports is an extraordinary Pinterest account; set up with numerous boards for each exotic and luxury car brand as well as each high-end dealership they represent across the country. The amazing thing is that each car they pin is available for sale! Using their Pinterest you can search through thousands of vehicles to find your ideal car. Click on the pin and go back to the original URL so you can contact the seller and make an offer.