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How Social Login Can Revamped Your Ecommerce Website?

Magento facebook login
Magento facebook login

Do you aim to achieve greater conversions? Then allow your customers with an option of social login account instead of registration, when they are about to purchase commodities or intend to save items in the WishList. You might have heard & read on different channels that social profiles has deep impact on eCommerce , here are some facts that support above assumption:

  • 65% of youth have at least one social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Yahoo, this percentage has increased eight times in 2012 as compared with year 2005.
  • 80% social media users of USA prefer to connect with brand through the social channel like Facebook.
  • 58% of users, who like the Facebook page of any brand, expect discount or promotion offers.
  • Purchasers frequently use social profiles of Facebook 60%, Yahoo 12%, Twitter 11%, Google+ 10%, and LinkedIn 7%.
  • 40% of purchasers prefer social login instead of new or guest account.
  • In 2010, there was a 13% decrease in the usage of new/guest accounts, whereas usage of social login increased by 17% in 2011.

Benefits Of Using Social Logins:

The benefits of social logins are as follows:

  1. User-Friendliness – A Prime Aspect:

Customers always want to attain one of the best modern technologies, and satisfaction within minimum span of time, it is the only way to keep the interest of clients within your products. However, some features couldn’t be instantaneously delivered to buyers, like customers must undergo wait due to the time consumed in the shipment of purchased product that could be compensated by providing time of shipment within the checkout.

Use of social login prevents your customers from repeatedly providing personal information to register.

Have you ever paid attention to the hassle of entering same information repeatedly?

Adding same information like name, address, contact no. etc. is a cumbersome task for purchasers. To certain extent, it might have impact on the economic aspect because of resources consumption, especially for mobile device users, as inputting personal data consume greater time on small keyboards.

It should be kept in mind that users affected by such hazard can have high probability of shopping cart abandonment, if page-loading time is more than four seconds. Due to the aspect of user-friendliness, the social login support tool preserves precious time of customers, and it could be main reason behind the increase of sale.

  1. Bestows Trust Of Clients & Control Over Account:

One of the major advantages of social profiles is that it provides centralized control over the accession of personal information. Accounts of social channels like Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc. allows users to post and delete comment/review on all those websites which allow access of customers through their login account. Another good aspect of login through social account is that it reduces the complexity of data storage in databases that arise due to entering same information in the multiple databases, which are not frequently used. Social login profiles also benefits with privacy protection and enables theft identification that makes your website omnipresent from consumers’ point of view.

  1. Promotes Usage Of Correct Data:

Although easiness in the use of social accounts appears as a key reason behind their usage for Ecommerce website, in fact it is not the important one.

Do you know most of the customers don’t provide correct credentials while registering to any domain?

It is observed that most of the customers use fake name, and provide that Email ID to register that they occasionally use, just to make registration process quick on domain. Such hurriedness might lead them to the subscription of unfamiliar & undesired alerts. Janrain/Blue Research at the start of January 2014 observed following statistics:

  • 68% of consumers instantly delete irrelevant Emails.
  • 54% of subscribers unsubscribe from Emails.
  • 45% of consumers mark subscription Emails as junk or spam.
  • 29% of purchasers are less likely to buy products from irrelevant Emails sending company.
  • 32% of visitors occasionally visit mistarget website.
  • 10% of consumers never like to visit that website again.

Some retailers might feel that providing information to potential customers through Email would be worthwhile for them, but fact is that such correspondence can impose adverse outcome of sending information. Therefore, above statistics highlights the importance about sending the correct data.

  1. Emphasis On The Importance Of Your Social Login Options

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ offer social login options that are easy to use, if someone want to install such feature on website, then he can find assistance by referring it to help section, you will be easily able to install support for any of the social channel on your website. However it is easy for Magento store owner as they can use extension Magento Facebook Login to install social login in their website.

There are millions of users of Twitter, but it protects the privacy of each user more than any other social media, it means there is sufficient amount of data that is simply not accessible to you, as people use more than one Twitter accounts with different Email IDs displaying fake name. Google+ can be a better source to provide genuine information of user, but users don’t use social platform of Google+ on regular basis as they use other social platforms.

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