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How should we use the moon?

How should we use the moon?
How should we use the moon?

Since human beings began eyeing moon exploration generations ago, there has been speculation as to what we should be doing with all that free space. Some people think we should shoot our garbage up there on a rocket as an out-of-sight out-of-mind response to exponential population growth. Others think it might be nice to put a lunar colony on the moon so humans could stand a chance of survival in case of natural disaster.

Moon storage is starting to look like more of a reality than a science fiction. There are plans in the works to transport religious texts to the moon for indefinite storage. The theory is that even if every human on Earth perishes, at least our cultural heritage will survive. These texts will be encased in capsules that are projected to withstand 10,000 years on the moon in order to assure cultural preservation.

Another possible use for the moon would be a solar farm, since one hemisphere is constantly bathed in sunlight. This solar energy could be used to power Earth, recharge space ships at a docking station, or power a lunar resort vacation spot on the moon.

The surface area of the moon is comparable to the size of Asia. The possibilities for maximizing the use of that space are endless. Some day the moon could just be another place humans occupy, and its occupants will be surprised no one used to be there at all.

For more about the history of space exploration as well as the possibilities of lunar colonies and moon storage, check out this infographic. It will be sure to stimulate your imagination with endless possibilities for the future of space exploration. What do you think we should use the vastness of the moon for? Be sure to leave a comment and share this infographic with your friends.