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How Sheriff Mink supports Sergeant Shires as next Sheriff of Jefferson County

Sergeant Shires
Jim Shires- Jefferson County

Jefferson County, CO- Sergeant Jim Shires of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has a very important job- to uphold the safety of citizens first. Second to that, he appears to be in a contested battle for support from his superiors in what his 28 year career has brought him- numerous commendations and respect. Those commendations include a myriad of community involvement recognition as well as a commendation from current Jeffco/Gilpin District Attorney- Pete Weir. Jim Shires- 28 year veteran with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office would like to become the next sheriff of Jefferson County.

According to a recent 9Wants to Know segment involving Shires's handling of an inmate incarcerated as a convicted habitual drug offender..."Sheriff Ted Mink made the decision to administer discipline to Shires." This wasn't the first time Mink laid down the law with Shires, in fact it is the fourth time Sheriff Mink has made a decision to scrutinize Shires- since June of 2013. After filing his intent to run for sheriff on June 6th, 2013, Shires, with his 28 year spotless career record has since been sent to internal affairs and Sheriff Mink not once, but four times.

In an exclusive interview with Ken Clark of Grassroots Radio Colorado, Shires explains the situation and notes that four internal affairs complaints were launched against him between the months of July and November 2013. Additionally, in a series of records requests and requests for transparency into the release of personnel information specific to Shires; it remains nothing short of skeptical to what was actually released and who released it. The information was released, or perhaps leaked, through the public information office of the sheriff's department with Jacki Kelley as Public Information Director and Mark Techmeyer serving as public information officer. As Kyle Clark from 9News states at the end of this video news cast: "...someone takes him serious if they are willing to leak things about him."

As 9News Jeremy Jojola notes, the tip on Shires was dropped through their tip line. The timing might be- just right? The actual event with the inmate that launched main stream media stardom for Shires happened last November and it's news in February-shortly before campaign season kicks into high gear.

Might it be coincidence that Sheriff Mink has provided his political endorsement to a high ranking department chief, Jeff Shrader, who is also currently running for sheriff? This same high ranking chief slid into a newly created position within the sheriff's department in the last year. The creation of this high level administrative position for Shrader titled; Special Project Chief leaves many wondering exactly what it is a chief of special projects does on a daily basis. In a long period of what Mink has repeatedly cited as the well running dry in pay raises for sheriff's deputies within the department- the five chief's well runneth over with each of their annual salaries exceeding a $120K a year.

Is this an attempt to end Shires career, or just his run for the office of sheriff? Suffice it to say, Sheriff Mink has shown Sergeant Shires careful consideration in how he has supported the 28 year veteran of the department, in his run for sheriff. Term limited Sheriff Mink appears to be cherry picking establishment business as usual. Meanwhile, according to Shires,"We still have a job to do and we're going to do our job."

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