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How SEO Drives Plastic Surgery Procedures

As a plastic surgeon, you rely a lot on word-of-mouth and the different advertising methods you try in order to improve your business. In any city, there are likely several options of plastic surgeons, which is why you need to work a little harder to get ahead of your competition. Doing so online is a great method since many people are using their smartphones or computers to find nearby surgeons, instead of going through the phone book or relying on places closest to their home or business. By using search engine optimization (SEO) methods with an online website or blog, you can increase the number of procedures you perform by getting the word out to more potential patients.

Educational Content
The first way SEO methods improve your plastic surgery procedures and get you more patients is by providing educational content on your website or blog. Many of your patients are going to find you by first looking up information about the procedure, like the costs, how the procedure is performed, the risks and side effects, and the recovery time. If you include this type of content, you are not only helping them find answers to their common questions, but you are improving the SEO of your website and getting more phone calls for procedures. Hiring an SEO company can be a major benefit.

Local Searches
When you begin utilizing SEO, local searches become your best friend. After all, you really want local people looking up information that brings them to your site because then they are more willing to give you their business and select you as their plastic surgeon. When working on SEO, always include keywords that include your city and state, as well as other pertinent location information. Don’t forget about landmarks, as it is not uncommon for someone to look up plastic surgeons near certain landmarks they live or work next to.

Targeted Keyword Research
Targeted keyword research is another way you can improve the number of procedures you do in your plastic surgery office. You are targeting your content to people who are more willing to want plastic surgery, whether targeting women in their 40s and 50s who want Botox and face lifts, or men that are looking for liposuction.

Keeping Track
Finally, SEO drives plastic surgery procedures by giving you a way to keep track of what does and does not work. Naturally, you will enable analytics and tracking of your website activity once you start using SEO more often. This lets you see exactly what types of content or blog posts are getting you not just the most views, but seem to get you patients within your local area as well. Always pay attention to these numbers, because it helps you know where you are going right, and what methods aren’t working as well.

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