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How SEO Can Lead to an Interactive Experience Between You and Your Customer

If you run a company or a small business, you probably know that it’s important to have a web presence and a web strategy. Often, people who are moving in a certain direction in their company start doing so on the internet a long time before they actually put their changes into practice. In this sense, the internet moves faster than the real world and expands in more directions as well. It’s possible to diversify your subject matter on the internet faster than in the real world.

Getting Hits and Interacting with Customers

It doesn't matter if you run a personal injury law firm or an auto body shop your website isn’t optimized for search engines, you may find that there aren’t that many people accessing your website or your blog. So the interest that you were hoping to invoke via your website or blog posts doesn’t occur. The internet is a great arena for interaction between people, both socially and professionally. But if you find that your web content is not garnering any hits, then there isn’t going to be any interaction between you and your clients or your business associates.

SEO: Good Writing Adapted to the Internet

In order to be read, you need search engine optimization which will make sure that your web content gets the attention it deserves. Many people think that SEO is more complicated than it actually is. The basics of SEO are very similar to the basics of good writing. Of course, the writing has to be adapted for the web because reading material on the internet is a very different experience from reading it in print.

Writing Concisely and Using Keywords Sparingly

Generally, people who read on the internet are trying to get information quickly. So they don’t have as much patience as people who settle down with a good book or a newspaper. As a result, you have to get their attention pretty quickly. This can be done by writing in a clear, succinct way, putting as much information as possible in the first paragraph and dividing the article or blog post into subheadings, bullet points, lists etc.

A lot has been said about the importance of keywords but, at this point, overusing popular keywords is a technique that’s bound to misfire. Instead, use keywords judiciously, write well and write concisely to get your reader’s attention.

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