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How security analysts can protect your data

Here's a common situation. You call your cable company. The agent asks you to verify your phone number, address, date of birth, last four of your social, and your mother’s maiden name. The verification protocol is usually effective.

There are plenty of smart hackers who love to breach firewalls.

If someone steals your wallet, the thief probably wouldn't know your mother’s maiden name. If someone hacks your email account, chances are the last four of your social aren’t located there.

Keeping Data Safe

What does big data do to keep us safe?

All the info a customer representative asks us often warehoused in massive databases or in the cloud. If you have a loyalty card, or a line of credit with a company, you'll have lots of personal information stored in a server somewhere.

With the recent security breach involving Target and millions of customers’ information, we’re beginning to understand that security in the world of big data should not be taken lightly. There are plenty of smart hackers who love to breach firewalls.

Given safety concerns, security firm Brickhouse Security has a suite of products that enable parents to monitor their kids' behavior on cellphones, desktops, and laptops. Such monitoring can detect unauthorized access of social media accounts and other inappropriate activity online.

Anticipating Risks

An important step to protect data is to hire IT personnel who are smarter than cyber criminals. Hackers try to outthink security experts.

Big data workers and analysts should be able to anticipate potential breaches and implement security features before it's too late. What's posted on the Web stays on the Web.

If your company isn't ready to shell out the cash for the best equipment, programming, servers, clouds, and other securities solutions equipment, it won't be long before hackers can slip right inside your network.

Securing Networks

Make it the mission of your company to hire the best people for the job of creating security for your customers. Give these employees everything they need to get the job done.

No one wants another catastrophic event like the Target breach in late 2013 -- the data of nearly 70 million customers was compromised.

Let the IT team and data experts within your organization have open dialog and groupthink sessions where they can bounce ideas off each another. Synergy is power.

It's only a matter of time before hackers identify weak links in a network. Make their task difficult.

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