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How safe is your home's electrical system?

Many studies conducted by various Universities, the National Cancer Institute or Utility companies show a link between illness and home electrical systems. The consensus is that EMF’s surrounding any electrical appliance, power lines, electrical wiring or high-tension wires can lower the bodies immune system or change the structure of cells within the body which may cause cancer and other illnesses in people and animals.

The alternating current found in our nation’s electrical system is made of two types of fields, an electric field and a magnetic field. We can easily shield ourselves from the electric field but magnetic fields are more powerful and can penetrate walls and most materials including our bodies. They are the fields that alter the cell structure within your bodies.

The ways in which the wiring is installed in your home may be a cause for higher EMF readings. When two wires the hot and the neutral wires are installed close to each other they can cancel out much of the magnetic field created by the flow of electricity through those wires. The way the home’s electrical system is grounded can also cause higher EMF readings.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your electrical system is safe and not creating high EMF readings in your home or office. (All repairs should be completely by a licensed electrician):

Have the electrical system inspected by a licensed electrician and ask them to pay attention to how the system is grounded.

  • If you have breakers that continually trip, then you have a circuit that is over loaded or you have a worn out breaker. Time for a repair or replacement of wires and or breakers
  • Do you have lights that flicker? You may have a loose connection somewhere or an overburden circuit.
  • Improperly wired GFCI receptacles or other improperly non-grounded outlets allow for a lose of electricity causing a greater build up of electrical and magnetic fields.
  • The electrical system’s main ground wire is missing, is not properly connected or installed. A properly grounded home allows for a full circuit of electricity to flow in your home, it also allows for a discharge of excess neural currents.
  • You receive a shock from an old appliance. It is time to upgrade the appliance to a newer energy star rated one. Often times an old appliance will have an electrical leakage from worn out wiring with damaged wire insulation. You may also have a non-grounded outlet that the appliance is plugged into. This can be a dangerous situation not only because of the EMF issues but if the appliance is resting on a surfaces that conducts electricity you could be shocked by stray electricity.
  • If your home or office is still using knob and tube wiring, it’s time to upgrade your wiring system. With knob and tube wiring the hot wire and the neutral wire are usually more than a foot apart. When the hot and neutral wires are separated by that distance they do not cancel out the magnetic field caused by electricity moving through those wires.
  • If you have a subpanel box added to your home or office ensure the subpanel box is properly installed and grounded.
  • In an older home, change out old breakers, they may be cracked or they may no longer function properly. Most stray EMF’s come from the breaker boxes.


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