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How safe are your children on amusement park rides?-Two people stuck on Carnival ride in Miami

How safe are your children on amusement park rides?
How safe are your children on amusement park rides?
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Two people looking for a day of fun got the surprise of their lives when they found themselves dangling 100 feet in the air after their ride malfunctioned. The two were riding on the “space roller" ride when the hydraulic system failed.
The Miami Dade County fire department attempted to rescue the two with a cherry picker but when that attempt failed, the ride was rotated until rescue workers were able to free the two from the ride. The frightening ordeal lasted about 45 minutes. According to HLN the two unnamed riders were checked out by medics and were found to have no physical injuries.
How safe are your children when they get on an amusement part or carnival ride? According to the National Consumer Product Safety Commission "... over 270 million people visit American amusement parks each year. Averages of 7,000 of these people are treated in emergency rooms for injuries that they sustained from amusement ride accidents. Considering the thousands of amusement rides in US theme parks and the number of cycles each one completes without incident, this number is truly phenomenal. Even more amazing is the fact that the number of deaths that have occurred over the last twenty-five years is less than half of this number”.

Some ideas for keeping your child safe when taking your child to an amusement park.

  •  Don’t drop off young children at a carnival or amusement park and leave them unattended. They need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Does the ride look safe, does it look well kept?
  • Does the operator of the ride appear to be concerned with rider safety or are they talking to friends and not paying attention?
  • Make sure your children are wearing cloths that could not easily get caught on the ride.
  • Do not force children to get on a ride that they do not want to ride.
  • Make sure your child understands the safety rules posted before you allow them to get on the ride.
  • Warn your child not to get off the ride until it comes to a complete stop and they are told to get off.
  • Do not put children on rides that they are too small or too big to ride on according to the posted rules.

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