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How’s this for a bowling slogan?

Bryan Alpert with Kelly Gold at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana.
Bryan Alpert with Kelly Gold at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana.
Fred Eisenhammer

It’s time bowling graduates to the big leagues.

Sure, bowling has a professional league with the Professional Bowlers Assn. League, which has completed two seasons.

But tell me, how professional is this league when a quarter of the teams – L.A. X and Silver Lake (Calif.) Atom Splitters – are based in L.A. and the league never comes here to play any of its matches?

And tell me, how professional is this league when the X and Atom Splitters vie for the league championship, like it did this year, and ESPN’s announcers don’t mention on the telecast that these teams are from the same city?

So here’s what bowling should do to make an impression on the world.

It needs to develop a slogan, a catchphrase, a battle cry, that will captivate the world and let people know that bowling is on a roll.

But what should it be? It has to be special, it has to be piercing, it has to reverberate among bowlers, both young and old.

It has to be poignant.

Let’s look at some of the best slogans in baseball. Here are some of my favorites:

“Baseball is life, the rest is just details.”

“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.”

“Life is a Game. Baseball is Serious.”

“Got game?”

“Deeds, not Words”

Baseball has some good ones. And it should because almost 50 percent of American adults are baseball fans.

But look at bowling. More people in the U.S. participate in bowling than any other sport. More than 69 million Americans bowl at least once a year.

So bowling should brandish a slogan too.

So here’s one.

“It’ll be spectacular.”

This is actually an abbreviated form of a recent quote by Kelly Gold, the elite L.A.-area bowler and one of bowling's biggest ambassadors.

Responding to Bill Plummer’s back-to-back perfect games, Kelly (shown in photo with Corbin Bowl manager Bryan Alpert), said, “I am inspired to do something spectacular.”

Kelly’s off-the-cuff, very honest quote is a perfect slogan for bowling. It just has to be shortened to make it digestible and promotable.

When so many bowlers go on the lanes, “something spectacular” is exactly what they hope to accomplish.

And when they do, it’s an unforgettable moment in that bowler’s personal history.

The quote shows hope and confidence . . . and fun.

“It’ll be spectacular.”

Seems like a catchphrase that Tom Shannon’s ever-expanding Bowlmor AMF empire should adopt.

And if that slogan doesn’t work . . . .

How about, “We’re on a roll!”

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