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How Russia in the Ukraine Could Cause an Economic Collapse

With the voting results expected shortly in Crimea, the military powers of the world are on standby, watching and waiting to see what Russia will do next. And as the world is looking the other way, Russia makes a move, sending its forces into the Kherson area where the gas fields are located.

The United States warned Russia that no matter how this vote turns out, they will be facing sanctions on Monday. These sanctions will cut off key Russian passports to the US, but it will also freeze Russian assets in the World Banks. This could be a very damaging move for the Russians, and as a result they did promise retaliation for these sanctions.

Some experts have warned that freezing Russia's assets would not only hurt Russia, but also the economies all over the world. These sanctions would prevent Russia from buying or selling internationally and it could hurt the whole chain of supply and demand, driving up prices especially prices at the gas pumps. High gas prices at the pump could be detrimental, but there could be more.

With the move of Russia going into a key oil field region like Kherson, just ahead of the votes, it seems like Russia could have a little bit more up their sleeve strategically. Russia could be planning on cutting off the gas supply to Europe which would help to further the gas shortage even more, making it very probable for the gas prices to go up all over the world.

Like all major economies the US relies heavily on oil. Just the thought of these things happening can make investors scared, causing them to withdraw their investments, making the US stock market collapse. As the gas prices begin to soar, so will the prices in the stores as the cost of fuel to ship the products will be passed down to the consumer. Not only is Russia willing to cause economic chaos for retaliation, but it also showing signs of wanting to create world wide war or to draw the world into war. Here is what else Russia can do.

Iran being Russia's key ally, is ready and waiting for the outcome of the vote as well. They will get back at the West by attacking Israel, so we can expect more relentless rocket fire in the days ahead. Israel will very likely retaliate causing instability and war between the terrorist nations like Iran and Syria going against Israel.

Many nations are also gearing up for the response to this vote. France along with many others, are sending warships to the Ukraine. The Ukraine itself is gearing up for a war as they are getting close to 60,000 men who are willing to volunteer to fight against the Russians and to protect the rest of the Ukraine.

Ukrainian troops are being moved to the East and South along the borders where the Russian troops are located, in a strategic move in case Russia tries to move north, going further into the Ukraine. Violent protests are expected to break out all over the Ukraine as a result of this vote, which could fuel Russia's need to advance.

Russia has the power to cause violent protests to break out all over the world.In fact Russia has been accused recently of sending people in, Russian citizens, to stir up protests which would enable them to come in and take over areas like they did in the Ukraine. Strategically, Russia had many of it citizens already located in the Crimea region, that's how they know that a vote there would most likely go in their favor. But now more protests are breaking out in other parts of the Ukraine as well. Protests are reportedly breaking out in Kiev and Donetsk. They are even breaking out in other parts of the world such as Venezuela, which many very well be caused by the influence of Russia. So is the world beginning to feel the wrath of Russia and seeing all that it may be capable of doing? The war in Crimea may very well be just the beginning.

It looks very probable that a war of all wars is going to break out very soon, causing the world to go into an economic tail spin, and quite possibly a nuclear disaster. This could be the beginning of the end, the start of the tribulation hour and the rapture of the church, as many of these nations involved here have nuclear weapons. So give your life over to Jesus Christ, ask him into your heart and to forgive you of your sins. Time is very short. Let Jesus save you from the tribulation hour that is about to come upon the earth. Get your heart ready for Jesus today.

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