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How roller derby is played

How roller derby is played
How roller derby is played
gainsville roller derby

Each team has five players, the jammer, the one with the star on her helmet, the pivot, the one with the strip on her helmet and three blockers.

Starting formation: before the whistle blows

The pack, the three blockers from each team is in front, the two pivots out in front keep the pace and call the plays. The two jammers, one from each team are in the back waiting for the pack to leave the starting line.

The Ref' blows the first whistle

The pack moves out away from the starting line and begins their way around the track blocking the oppossing jammer and making a path for there own to get through the pack. The jammers are now at the starting line they are not allowed to leave the gate at this first whistle.

The second whistle blows

The jammers now take off. They must skate one full time around the track before they can start scoring points. By the way they are the only ones that can score points.

The Ref' calls out who is the "lead jammer" and she is the one that gets to call off the jam by placing her hands on her hips before the 2-minute jam is over. When she calls the jam off or the two minutes is over, then the officials do the scoring calculations for that jam.

How to score

The jammer scores points for every one that she passes on the opposing team, basically that is four points. They can also receive points for players passed while they are in the penalty box.

Illegal moves

Minor infractions

"Clotheslining" Pulling, grabbing, they can not use their elbows to block above the shoulder. They can not block with their arms all the way extended out. Any one of these infractions can get you 30-60 seconds in the penalty box.

Major infractions
Falling on purpose to block, fouling a skater that is hurt and down, back talking or bad mouthing the Ref', or any other unsportsman like conduct. Can get you completely tossed out of the game or race match or some other sometimes hilarious punishment.

That is how to play, now go get your derby on.

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