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How rare is a 900 series in bowling?

Jason Belmonte has started a following of two-handed bowlers.
Jason Belmonte has started a following of two-handed bowlers.
Skip Bolen / Getty Images

So what’s the top bowling score for a certified three-game series and how many times has it been achieved?

That’s the key question in the wake of Northridge resident Charles Kenny’s ambitious goal to roll a 900 series. Kenny made his comment this week after putting together a torrid start to the year in which he blasted four perfect games at four venues – all in the space of one month.

The four 300 games gave the 33-year-old Kenny a total of 62 perfect games.

The United States Bowling Congress honors top series at its website and lists 21 men who have blasted 900 series. The USBC says this is unofficial, meaning that it represents all the sanctioned 900s that have been reported to it.

The USBC cites two 900 series turned in by California men – the last of whom was recorded by Jimmy Schmitzer of Riverside in April 2012. He used the two-handed delivery that is becoming more popular and is used with such success by elite pro Jason Belmonte of Australia (shown in photo), the franchise player of the Los Angeles X.

Schmitzer was only 18 when he smoked his 900 in front of his parents, Marti and Jim.

Said Marti the next day: “He’s bowled 300s and 800s before, and we were very happy for him when he shot the first one last night. When he got the second one, we couldn’t believe it. When he started the third game, I just couldn’t handle it. I started shaking and had to go outside. When he got through the last frame, I broke down. We’re so happy for him.”

Incidentally, the USBC reports that Kathi Verbil of Wichita, Kan., recorded the highest three-game series for a woman at 879. She blasted that score in July 2012.

The USBC cites Missy Belinder as having the top score for a California woman at 869. That was recorded 12 years ago.

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