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How Project Managers Avoid Becoming Stress Victims (part 2)



  • Shobha Srinivas 6 years ago

    Excellent Article Simon. As they become busy in life, people forget to breathe properly, neglect food habits and do not relax sufficiently, this causes stress and illness.
    I also believe light entertainment like a good film or a comedy serial which lets one have a hearty laugh is good way as stress buster.
    I recommend a recent Indian film - 3 idiots as a good stress buster!!
    See and enjoy.

    Cheers !

  • Rajesh Madhavan 6 years ago

    Hey Simon,

    Good one. Posted my comments on linkedin. Then i thought i would post the comments into a blog. You can read that at rajeshmadhavans.blogspotdotcom

    BTW, i think your blog is good because it is more specific to what neees to be done.:)

    Rajesh Madhavan

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