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How prepared are you to answer job interview questions

Be prepared for job interview questions
Be prepared for job interview questions

Every job candidate works hours with a resume to build it, spell check words, move job data around then spell check again before the final save to print. But have you ever rehearsed those important job interview questions many hiring managers will focus on asking during the job interview; are you aware that knowing how to answer the right way can get you closer to a second job interview? Let us take a look at six job hiring questions many job candidates will hear during the interview.

Question 1 – What value did you bring to your former employer?

Consider how you built skills at previous employer and how skills helped that employer. Your answer could be something such as, “In my previous sales position I provided quality and detail. I did this by...”

Question 2 – What do you want out of this job?

A well-formed response could be saying something such as how you intend to grow with the company.

Question 3 – What was the most difficult part of a previous job?

A helpful way to answer this question is briefly summarizing a challenge experienced, how it was resolved and the positive end result

Question 4 – How long will it take you to add value to our company?

Providing a helpful answer on teamwork and learning skills will give the hiring manager a better understanding about you as an employee.

Question 5 – How have former managers motivated you to do your best?

Use an example of one-on-one communication with former manager using a situation, result, and the personal achievement felt from managerial leadership provided.

Question 6 – How did you reply when a manager told you no?

Use an example of a situation which you had the skills to complete but your manager denied you the capability. Summarize the situation the tasks performed and the outcome of the situation.

There are more questions job candidates may experience but knowing what hirng managers will ask during the job interview will assist in how to respond during that job interview and gaining a possible chance of achieving the position.

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