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How Playing with Children can help boost their confidence

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It's a rainy day outside, and you have small children. You aren't sure what to do to make the day fun for them. You think of different games and activities to keep your child occupied. You think " How about playing a dress up game?" What you may not know is that playing dress up can help boost a child's confidence. Below is some important information that you as a parent may not be aware of:

Dress up can be fun for little kids; once they put the clothes on they can now be whoever they want to be. What people may not know is that dress up can help build confidence, and other positive development as well. Knowing that once they put the clothes on they turn into that person such as a fireman, a nurse, or cowboy, which then takes them to a new world. It will get them to think about the future, which when they play they will realize they have every advantage possible. Here are some tips to playing dress up and boosting confidence while playing:

Tips for making dress up a success

When playing dress up try getting clothes that suit the child’s interest. If they talk about something they want to be when they grow up, get those kinds of clothes. That way it can be focused and their strengths and learn how to do what they love the most.

  1. When playing dress up, try to make one on one time. Fifteen minutes a day of play and help boost children’s confidence. Making a special time with just a parent and a child can make them feel like can achieve anything possible.
  2. When playing dress up children can learn decision making and problem solving skills. Playing different kinds of games and playing pretend can help them learn about the profession they are playing, and they are also making choices of who they want to be.
  3. When playing a dress up game staying positive is always key. Letting children pretend and have positive experiences in their dress up clothes can boost their confidence.
  4. Praising children in their dress up clothes and encouraging them to play and pretend to be who they want to be, will give them great self esteem. Use props with the clothes and to encourage imaginative play and increase development. Playing dress up and also boost children’s vocabulary. Children can tell a lot of fun stories when playing. Having clothes readily available can increase their chances of wanting to play more. Parents can get a bucket or a bin.

Benefits of Playing Dress Up with Small Children

Playing can also boost more confidence while increasing their sense of self. They can dress up any way they want to. If they want to wear a shirt backwards let them do so. Having props with the dress up clothes can also be great for development.

Dress up games can also be fun as well. Their are many different kinds of games to can play. Parents can hold a race, to see who can put the dress up clothes on the fastest. Parents can also dress up with their kids and also get in on the fun. Going into their dress up world, and accepting their kind of play will also help boost confidence.

Also when children dress up they start feeling good about themselves about how they dressed up, knowing they picked their wardrobe, and be confident they are beautiful or handsome and they can also think they can achieve the profession they are dressed up as.

Making dress up a part of everyday play can be very rewarding and in the end can really boost their confidence in every way possible.

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