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How players choose, explore, and craft in the world of 'Alien Isolation'

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Jonathan Court, Senior Producer at Creative Assembly, revealed in an Examiner exclusive interview that players will indeed have my choices, and have to explore as well as craft to survive in the highly anticipated Alien Isolation coming later this year.

Court said,

The player will need to search the environment for resources including ammunition;

there’s also a wealth of crafting materials they can find and use to construct all manner of things to help with their survival.

As revealed by other members of the Isolation team in prior interviews, crafting will come in to play in a big way for players in the game, as a large part of survival horror, is indeed survival itself. As revealed, players will need to scavenge and search for supplies to make their own survival imminent, and ensure that they avoid the menace and malice of the games key Alien foe, as well as others.

Player agency is a non-negotiable for the team at Creative Assembly on Alien Isolation, as choice plays a central tenet to the experience through and through. Court elaborated,

Player choice was important to us. We were keen for the player to be able to choose their approach to any situation.

The team at Creative Assembly has already stated their incredible love for the Alien franchise, and their deep desire to deliver an experience that fans will be proud of. With environments built on the ideals of lo-fi and functional surroundings, it can be assumed that players will be finding things in the environment that "fit in" and don't cause moments of departure from immersion.

Alien Isolation will release at a yet-to-be-disclosed date in 2014 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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