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How Pinterest may help small businesses that cater to women

Pinterest is a social media site that allows you to organize your ideas, likes and all things about you into neat categories with pictures. Acquiring friends tends to depend on previous engagement on Facebook or some other social media site. Although, you can comment and be involved in other ways. As a side note: Being part of the Miami scene within the data collection business for so long in fraud prevention, I have a hard time understanding why I shouldn't get paid to divulge personal details. However, I think I may have found a decent middle ground when looking for "Christian theme weddings," but only time will tell the direction Pinterest will go.

Women are the primary users on the site, and that's why I found it interesting enough to join on a trial basis of course. I have been part of all the major social media sites in the past, but they all seemed to be too time-consuming for people living active lives outside the Internet. Pinterest seems to want engagement daily too, but I notice that people sort of have their own pace when it comes to involvement. Therefore, I believe that when people are engaged on the site, they are actually searching for something like "Christian theme weddings" with a purpose and will not gloss over your details as easily. Small businesses that cater to women can benefit from Pinterest with shared referrals from "Pins." With the right topic, you could go viral!

How you may ask? Well, women tend to be more emotional when it comes to buying decisions, like shoes or accessories. Also, women like to share information about great deals or experiences shopping. So if you are a designer, or sell shoes, you may want to set up a business account to try it out. The reason why I took the plunge was because I was searching for "Christian theme weddings" and an organic link showed up with Pinterest with a lot of great information and products. I thought, well if my target niche is there in significant numbers, and I am able to collect valuable information on ideas it is worth at least a try. Worst case scenario, I have some new ideas for brides for Christian theme weddings. Best of all, the account was easy to set up and didn't require much information, which to me, is a good sign of a healthy social media environment.

In conclusion, if you are looking to expand beyond advertising on over-saturated places like Google, Facebook and other directories, you may want to start looking into social media with a niche for women when you work in certain industries. "Christian theme weddings" may be what brought me to the site, but we will see if it can keep there. I think the best chances for things to fall into place business wise are for weddings, parties, food, accessories and the like. Think like a woman and you will get at least one on Pinterest sharing your information.

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