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How pictures create murals of cohesiveness

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In 1997 Canadian artist Lewis Lavoie created his first mural mosaic, a process of placing individual paintings in specific order to create a bigger picture. Lavoie continued to create, and his business "Mural Mosaic" has been enchanting people since. He has brought his art to the public so they may enjoy his talents in their own homes.

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Lavoie and partners Phil Alain and Paul Lavoie initially wanted to bring communities together with art. The murals do so in several ways: individual artists work together to create a mural, people of all backgrounds and lifestyles enjoy the work, and the work is one beautiful picture made from many individual pictures, a community of communities. Some of the work has benefitted charities.

There is a project called "Pubble Murals" that assist schools and / or communities to create their own murals, teaching life lessons such as celebrating individuality, teamwork, and creating something to enjoy and appreciate. See "Freedom Flag" in this article's slideshow.

In 2005 Mural Mosaic created their largest mural; over 250 artists contributed panels. The complete mural is never revealed until it is done, and this piece was unveiled for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The next year, Canadian wildlife artists created a mural of Noah's ark called "Earth's Treasure Chest" that raised $45,860.00 for Canadian Parks & Wildlife. In 2007 the Mural Mosaic group completed a live art performance in "Adam;" it contained 20 pieces completed in ten days. In 2008 the first international project was completed called "The Horse Gift." Equine artists from 14 countries participated.

Limited edition prints are available, signed by Lavoie. There are coloring books and stickers. People are also able to recreate these amazing murals for their home or office by purchasing poster kits. Each kit contains a book of the individual pictures with information about the artist, the medium, title of work, and a bit about the work on the back page. The pages are numbered and instructions show how to place the squares in order to create the mural. The price is set for any budget ( "The Horse Gift" at 484 pages is priced at $19.99 plus S&H and the size can be customized. Panels not used may be framed).

Mural Mosaic is beautiful, one of a kind artwork that celebrates individuality and, at the same time, cohesiveness. These thousands of pictures placed together, and apart, are truly worth more than a thousand words.

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