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How parents can find favor with their children, even during the teenage years

It is common these days to hear parents say that their children, especially during the teenage years, do not like them. It is considered normal for adolescents to be mad, huffy and rebellious toward their parents and often it is viewed as an expected phase of family life.

With all the emotional and physical changes kids endure during their adolescent years, maybe bad attitudes or unhappiness from teenagers is inevitable, particularly when they do not get their way or what they want. But for some families, the teenage years are so difficult that it is hard for parents not to feel as though God has left them on their own to struggle through.

I often wonder if this period of family life is at times worse than it needs to be. Is it just the way things are with teenagers or have parents missed something that could help prevent or dull their negativity and defiance?

One way to combat the challenge of raising adolescents is to pray to God that he would grant parents favor with their children. To clarify, this is not favor based on parents appeasing their children or trying to keep them happy. Instead, it is an affection and devotion that God places deep in the hearts of children for their parents, as they discipline, train and guide them, that endures as they grow into adults.

Many adults love their parents, but they do not care much for them nor do they desire any type of adult friendship with them. There may be many valid reasons for such feelings, but often the same adults who have little favor or affection for their parents would be devastated if their own children grew up feeling the same way about them.

How can parents work to break this cycle? By praying that God would dwell in and protect the relationships between parents and their children, as well as build unconditional love, respect, and favor into them that will last a lifetime.


  • Gregory 5 years ago

    Thank you for this article. Seems like all can be answered through prayer.
    Praise be to Jesus Christ our Lord conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.
    In Domino

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