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How P90X powerhouse Tony Horton went from 'out of shape' guy to fitness guru

Get the dish on Tony Horton's new book.
Get the dish on Tony Horton's new book.
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If you feel that you've let your fitness level slide too far, Tony Horton wants to offer you hope. The famed fitness guru and creator of P90X workouts revealed how he went from an "out of shape" guy to an exercise guru in a Feb. 4 interview with U.S. News and World Report.

Before working out became an integral part of his life, Tony specialized in "excelling at nothing," he admits.

"I was somebody who struggled," Tony now recalls.

I was in trouble. I was broke and out of shape and in a bad way, and I was often depressed, overwhelmed and underproductive.

So what it take to get from a man who had nothing to a man who seemingly has everything? A combination of mental, spiritual and physical work, Tony says. He's put all the details into his newest book "The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life" (click for details).

One key aspect of the laws of life as perceived by Tony: Push yourself beyond what you think you can achieve when it comes to exercise and endurance.

“If you don’t focus on getting a little bit better at things, then eventually even people who exercise on a regular basis will see their range of motion decrease and their endurance decrease and their strength and muscle tone decrease,” cautions Tony.

“They won’t get the benefits of regular exercise like somebody who’s focusing on getting a little better every day," he adds. Tony notes that he created his P90X workout package to involve different levels and variety, thereby encouraging people to continue to progress.

In addition, Tony emphasizes the importance of choosing a form of fitness that you love. If you've been doing something for years and it no longer pushes you physically, mentally and emotionally, it's time to find a new sport or form of exercise.

Here you are doing this thing, and you’ve been doing it forever. You’ve been going to the same class, you have the same teacher and you’ve been doing the same routine. And at one point, maybe you did love it. But you have to recognize when you no longer do.

And the reason this is important: Because you should do what's really fun, says Tony.

Life is “too short not to explore things you love.”

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