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Sexual desire: How often do men and women want sex?

How Often Do Men And Women Want Sex
How Often Do Men And Women Want Sex

Sex is considered to be the most beautiful god given instinct which strengthens bonding of oneness between men and women or in other words husband and wife. Sex life, in other fields of marriage, is also believed to be an instrument to measure the intimacy and commitment in relationship between both the life partners. Both the partners have to take the risk of being vulnerable and completely open to each other to satisfy their sexual desires.

Importance of sex

Marriage is a bond between two opposite sexes the strength of which is based on the feeling of desire, need, acceptance and unconditional love. Understanding each other’s views about sex is the key that helps in making this relationship stronger as both men and women usually differ in this respect. The difference in the desire for sex between men and women depends upon difference in their views regarding their sex life which may lead to frustration, disappointment and misunderstanding if their desire is not satisfied by the other partner.

Difference in sexuality between men and women

Basically the sex life of men and women is very much different from each other in regard to their sexual orientation, stimulation, needs, sexual response and orgasm. Sex oriented men usually prioritize physical relationship with variation in moves whereas women have various preferences over sex including security and emotions. Men usually get stimulated even by seeing or smelling the female body whereas women get stimulated by touch, words, actions and attitude of men. Similarly their need about sex also differ as men need respectful and authoritative sexual relationship whereas women go for emotional and understanding love relationship during sex. Both of them also differ in sexual response during sexual activities as men get quickly excited and initiate the relationship and can not be distracted easily whereas women respond to men’s touch and words and get excited slowly and can be distracted easily. The orgasm in both the sexes also differ as men’s orgasm is more intense, spicy, physically oriented and for his satisfaction whereas emotionally oriented orgasm of women is not for satisfaction only but for oneness and for that reason it takes time.

Sex life of men

All the god gifted differences between the sex life of men and women mentioned above make difference in their desire for sex. It can not be generalized easily that how often men and women want sex as it depends upon the individual nature and intensity to have sexual relationship beyween both the sex partners. Men think differently about their sexual relationship even with their wife as they get easily stimulated, even without any physical touch, with sight or smell only of their wife or any woman. They are ready for sexual relationship anytime. They get captivated with sexual desire once they get mentally stimulated for having physical relationship through sexual intercourse with her. At such moments sex is at higher priority for men than women. Men want to reach orgasm for their sexual satisfaction and the feeling of oneness with their sex partner which is normally short and intense.

Sex life of women

Women’s sex life is much different from men’s as they prefer to build a long lasting relationship with men, based on love and emotions. Unlike men women do not get excited only with the sight or smell of men but their touch, words, actions and attitude excite them for emotional and sexual relationship. Women’s response to sexual relationship is cyclical as they give priority to other things than sex. They go for sex only when they have no other important thing to do. Moreover women also differ in mental presence during sexual activities including intercourse as men think only about sex at that time whereas women have various other things on their mind including outside noise, children or someone on the door etc. Women usually reach orgasm not only for their sexual satisfaction but for the emotional oneness with their sexual partner as they are satisfied with sexual activities even without reaching orgasm. But sometimes women are naturally more desirous for sex than men.

Thus the frequency of the need of sex among men and women depends upon all the facts and differences in their sex life as discussed here above. You can easily assess this frequency according to the nature of two individuals of opposite sex.

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