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How obesity is spreading around the world

Hopefully when traveling abroad, you are not just experiencing the tourism of the country, but experiencing the true everyday culture of the country. What may be alarming is the increasing of obesity around the world. In reference to LinkTV documentary, Globesity: Fat’s New Frontier explains the obesity epidemic in developing countries of Mexico, China, Brazil, and India.

There is no surprise that the big fast food and manufacturing companies are in business to make money. And there is no surprise that these companies declined doing interviews for the documentary. As with any business, they made their product available, affordable, sociable, and in some cases established a creative marketing strategy to children in order to slip below the critical thinking of the actual product. Although the phrase ‘don’t take it personal, it’s just business’, the consumer must take business personally because of the health impact on the community.

Currently, Mexico has the fastest obesity rate in the world. Unfortunately, the larger portions at the family gatherings and consuming more coca cola products, especially in the schools has created a malnourished diet for the average Mexican. This has become such a problem that the government has subsidized stomach operations to prevent more expensive operations such as bypass surgery.

With the economic status increasing, so has the China’s obesity rate in the low income communities. The increase started when cheaper oil seed production and sugar intake was entered into the country. From a country with a lowest sugar intake of 2g of sugar, now has implemented a reserves for their sugar. And by making snacking more sociable, health is becoming a concern.

In Brazil, the food system has changed from healthy foods of the local farmer markets to the grocery supermarket who sells more processed foods. Ironically, the big companies, such as Nestle, has created a business model of educational programs to inform the need of their product and marketing to adapt the product into the community.

In the past, all foods were cooked at home, now there is fast food everywhere which impacts the entire family. For example, the mother’s poor diet is programming the baby to have a diabetes diet and the father who has diabetes impacts the household financially, for he is the bread winner. In extreme cases, the cost of treatment can bankrupt the entire family. Proactive health and small business measures are being taken by feeding schools a percentage of locally grown foods.

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