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How Obamacare effects special needs kids

How Obamacare effects special needs kids is complicated as the Affordable Care Act is complicated by itself, and as it takes effect, many expected and unexpected results occur. Part of the complexity is that each of the states has its own state laws and regulations for health insurance companies, and Obamacare is federal legislation that states implement, which changes their existing regulations.

One very positive result for citizens of all states, however, is the provision that addresses pre-existing conditions. In 2008, according to the National Academy for State Health Policy, health insurers denied more than 20,000 applications for children's health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions and another 18,000 polices excluded coverage for certain conditions. If an insurance company previously denied coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions, you can reapply for coverage.

Another positive provision speaks to the cap on lifetime benefits or restrictions on annual benefits. Parents of kids with medical needs know how quickly the bills add up and how expensive anything medical is, be it treatment or supplies. This provision protects your children from becoming uninsured because their medical needs are so great.

The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is nearly 11,000 pages of regulations and time will tell how well it serves our children with special needs.

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