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How not to have lumpens in archaeology

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Archaeology is a profession, but also a mean of enculturation and socialization. It is very well demonstrated by the blog by Niels K. Petersen (Denmark) Magia Posthuma.

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The way in which Niels K Peterson approaches archaeology is an example of how archaeology can have positive or lumpenizing impact on people. First of all, the blog shows that the readers in archaeology trust the academic archaeologists. They like reading intellectual archaeologists and it is completely understandable that authors like Douglass W Bailey may occupy in such way the mind of the reader that they may forget a simple truth - the best reading is critical reading. One of the master-pieces of Bailey was reproduced as a textbook by Niels K. Petersen since it opens direction of understanding archaeology not as a description of material past but as ideologizing individual and social mind.

In rather different way Niels K. Petersen approaches vampire pseudoarchaeological topics although exactly these pieces of lumpen culture looks the most productive for creating the idea of the whole blog Magia Posthuma.
Then, it is a general theoretical problem: how in the era of open access to any kind of information through Internet to keep archaeology high and not to put it in the slope of lumpenization down as we know well Wall Street does not have bottom.

Quality education is the first requirement, although this education today in many universities means mostly self-education. Many academic positions have been occupied by people who do not have current knowledge desired for but stay there through connections and corrupted academic networks, which function to replicate corruption and crime in science and in society.

Then, the second requirement is moral and changing the understanding about social scientist as an academic employee. Today everybody can be a social scientist, that is, everybody can make a revolutionary for society discovery. This real situation does not have still enough strong impact and the real scientists do not have this prestige that they desire.

A short story. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been in the focus of Internet readers being documented together after August 2013. Just reading the thousands of comments the series of article on this topic may create a scientific book on marriage and happiness in which 99.99% of the contributions will belong to the authors of the comments (often anonymous). However, is there any prize or certificate about best comments which move the human mind toward solid social positive values?

The people in these thousands of comments after Douglas – Zeta-Jones photos have discussed the age difference, the way the couple and family look on the pictures, the celebrity nature of the marriage. By the way, it was an archaeological topic since critical analysis of the photo-documentation is an archaeological topic. Then, the authors of the comments have been also raw archaeologists from which can learn even a professor, since they are fresh, without paradigms, and with raw values of culture.

Accordingly, not to have lumpens in archaeology (who are the most dangerous killers of archaeology), also means to know when to use paradigm and when to forget that science is about paradigm.

North American TAG has become a classic example how instead a progress archaeology can reinvent corruption and even possible crime. Instead following the best experience which comes from Buffalo TAG, North American TAG has become a target of Rosemary Joyce who found water in the amorphous structure of TAG to make career of highly paid archaeologist without even being a real archaeologist. After TAG Berkeley, this woman at once had shown up as Associate Dean that increased her salary with more than $50,000 instead being in the prison for breaching the moral and slanders about innocent people. This case shows that lupmenization is dangerous for society but can bring benefit to some people.

TAG is committed to innovation in science and the organizers neither need to follow traditional archaeology nor to promote people who are active for their own corrupted to criminal amoral career.

In the 21st century high moral is most important of not having lumpens in archaeology. High moral means honest behavior, absence of corrupted thinking, searching for honest relationship. Instead moral, archaeology is full with amoral archaeologists who have been damaging science, profession and people (R. Tringham, M. Conkey, R. Joyce and many others). These are all millionaires by academic salaries without any considerable contributions to science and society whose life is a life of damaging honest people and science. Such people lumpenize and endanger archaeology making it a field of corruption and crime and behavior abusers.

Similar people come from other countries organized even in psychotronic gangs (Bulgarian gang of H. Todorova). They may use Internet to cover crime and to search for umbrella of their activities sites which presumably promote humanity in science. has been targeted by the Bulgarians psychotronic terrorists M. Gyurova and I. Vajsov by using American archaeologist Douglass W Bailey to cover their corrupted and criminal activities. As it is well known Bulgarians are popular hackers and fraud contributors using elementary computer knowledge not for positive but for negative activities. By creating website for Prof. Douglass Bailey Ivan Vajsov on the surface has been demonstrating positive activity, although the same American professor could be 24 hour a target of the BG psychotronic gang and made umbrela of serial psychotronic killers. It will be like doing the job of FBI if we go far away and believe that some of most terrifying actions of Douglass W Bailey as behavior were directed by possible work for this Bulgarian gang or for Bulgarian/ KGB services. H. Todorova was married for a man who was member the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party and he was a communist, although was known as a negative personality and had no good reputation as a communist. But the fact that Bailey stands psychotronic terrorists to connect themselves with him indicates that lumpenization of archaeology may have tragic turns for development of negative personality which troubles innocent people. The only surface argument that Bailey may have been paid by Bulgarian gang(s) to do dirty job in the USA is the fact that Bulgarians have very high interest in written by the author about him. This interest documented at Internet may relate to secret services or criminal gangs since it differs by the way from the interest from other countries come.

Then, in 21st century, it is extremely important to identity who is friend and who is not friend in archaeology since there are criminal and corrupted gangs which use Internet and non-for-profit organizations to cover their activity.

Last but not least, for many archaeology is a resource of wealth since it is just a profession which ensure access to antiques. Vassil Bozhkov-Skull and many rich treasure-hunters in 21st century are models for other to use archaeology and archaeologists to become rich through having their agents in the field and black market. Then, lumpanization in archaeology assists crime in society since lumpens are those who collaborate with criminals.

Archaeology is not only a profession, but also an opportunity to be a main mean of enculturation and socialization. Increasing the culture of and in archaeology increases the chances society to create a model and context the process of lumpenization of global society to decrease and transform in a multidirectional process of enculturation and socialization committed to high standards only. To assist such process, the archaeologists should be most sensitive toward corruption, crime and amoral in archaeology which endanger this field of knowledge and profession in early 21st century as one of the worst heritage of the Cold War.

So, how not to have lumpens in archaeology? 1. Increasing criteria for who teaches archaeology. 2. Increasing quality of archaeological programs. 3. Not allow crime and corruption in archaeology. 4. Not allow non-for-profit organizations to be used for corrupted carrier and for covering of crimes. 5. Revealing of corruption and crime immediately on the Internet. 6. Sharing amoral behavior of archaeologists immediately online. 7. Sharing corrupted and criminal social practices of archaeologists online. 8. Increasing of the critical reviews of pseudo-scientists and pseudo-archaeologists. 9. Increasing of criteria for PhD thesis (now under the wave of corruption the PhD holders in western countries do not publish books as requirement that means PhD programs have been filled not by talented people but for the purpose of corrupted goals of pseudoprofessors). 10. Increasing the social control on the salary of university pseudoprofessors with opportunity every resident tax-payer to be able to sue professors if feels that they receive tax-payer money money which they do not desire. 11. Increasing of the social control on the grant money with opportunities every grant holder who misuses the money to be sued by every resident since every dollar of any grant relates to tax-payers (either being a tax-payer dollar or deducted as charity). 12. Increasing of opportunities raw archaeologists to get funding for original research. 13. Rewarding people who reveal fake scientific authors in archaeology and fake PhD holders (P. Georgieva, B. Gajdarska, M. Gyurova, S. Alexandrov in Bulgarian archaeology, for instance). If somebody through critics reveals a fake PhD holder or fake author (who either does not have contributions, who manipulate the historiography or does not have basic knowledge [G. Gajdarska case study]) the academic authorities should recognize through prize the critical approach for purification of archaeology and science since usually such authors are under the umbrella of corrupted and criminal institutions or individuals (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Archaeological Institute with Museum in Sofia, John Chapman, etc). It must be made possible fake PhD holders and authors to be called in the court and asked on professional questions to prove that they are fake PhD holders and authors. 14. Giving opportunity for confiscation of property of fake professors with amoral, corrupted and criminal behavior and giving the property and existed other forms of wealth to their victims (E. Cashdan case study of corrupted academic behavior who continues together with her husband to enrich herself from the University of Utah being a fake most corrupted professor and fake scientist). 15. It should be made possible prompt firing of pseudoscientists and pseudoprofessors based on their and academic homepage profiles. 16. Development of anthropology as a leading subject at school starting with elementary grades. 17. Merging archaeology and art at early stage of the archaeology programs and increasing of opportunity for high social filter of graduated academic archaeologists by preventing the university positions to be occupied by people with connection instead with abilities.

If we want to have a progress in society which is embedded in almost every social cell, as need to stop the process of lumpenization. High technology documents progress but this progress can be very easily killed by the increasing lumpenization that includes but is not limited to academic corruption, increasing domestic violence, behavior abusers, crisis in family values, etc.



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