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How news performs in the social media space

Photo of a social media sharing concept.
Photo of a social media sharing concept.
Matt Chalwell via Getty Images

Social media is powerful force and a vital medium for dissemination of news content. Its reshaping how we curate, receive, share, filter and consumer the news. In a new report published Wednesday by the Pew Research Journalism Project in collaboration with John S. and James L. Knight Foundation compiled a detail analysis of the eight key takeaways of the news element on social networks.

Half of the users on Twitter and Facebook get the news on those individual websites as do 62 percent of reddit users. Facebook reaches more Americans than any other social networking service. In addition, three in ten adults get some news on the platform, according to the study.

The presence of news organizations is minimal and not really influential. Just 34 percent of Facebook news consumers Like a news organization or an individual journalist.

Within this detailed analysis the top news topics on Facebook are the following: Entertainment, People & events in my community, Sports, National government & Politics and others. Let's remember that Facebook users can customize their accounts in a complex manner and are free to choose to follow topics that may ignore the news.

Social network users do participate in the engagement of consuming the news, yet at times during newsbreaking events users tend to become news gatherers transforming who should be the source.

Time and time again when the Pew Research organization publishes reports about Twitter the dialogue and narrative on the platform significantly differs from the public opinion.

Users or the audiences present on each individual social platform differ from one service to the next. For example, LinkedIn news consumers are considered to be high earners and college educated. On Twitter, news users are significantly younger than users on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

Facebook and search play pivotal roles in adding eyeballs to the news articles available in some shape or form online. This means users are not convinced about how the media plays an important role in the news process and perhaps lacks the fidelity or trustworthiness for news reporting.

Below is the recap of the eight central takeaways about the dynamics of social media and the news.

  1. "News has a place in social media – but on some sites more than others."
  2. "Getting “news” on Facebook is an incidental experience."
  3. "The range of news topics on Facebook is broad."
  4. "Engagement with the news plays a key role in the social media news experience."
  5. "On Twitter, groups of people come together around news events they feel passionately about. But opinions expressed on Twitter often differ from broad public opinion."
  6. "In the dynamic nature of conversations on Twitter, the sentiment expressed around an issue or event can change over time."
  7. "Audiences for news on each social platform differ."
  8. "Visitors who come to a news site through Facebook or search display have far lower engagement with that outlet than those who come to that news website directly."
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