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How natural is "natural enough"

If you focus on using natural and/or organic products, how natural do you consider "enough"? There seem to be very few brands and products that are 100% natural and organic. Almost all of them have at least a touch of man-made ingredients.

Likewise, do you research the company itself? Just because the label lists "natural honey flavor" or "pomegranate extract", has that ingredient been purified and altered to the point we wouldn't recognize it? Do they purport to use natural ingredients, but utilize animal testing to derive those ingredients?

Personally, I am less strict about the entirety of the ingredient list and more strict on the company overall. I would rather have a little petrolatum in my lipbalm than find out that the company was participating in animal testing or performing other non-environmental errors. I like all of my packaging to be recyclable and to have the least amount of packaging necessary.

I think being focused on natural and organic needs to be a larger and more global picture than just label-focused.

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