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How much one on one time are couples spending together



You always hear those cliche love quotes about life being short and to spend time with the people you love. But between school or a full time job or just life in general, how much extra time do we actually have to be with our loved ones? When I went to the Office for National Statistics website I was shocked to find out that couples on average spend two to two-and-a-half hours a day together, including weekends.  During those two and half hours, most couples watch TV, eat, or do housework together.  Married people spend half an hour more together than people who cohabit.  Retired couples only spend four hours a day together (maybe that's because by that age, their sick of each other?). 

When I first read this, I didn't believe it, and then I went through my typical weekday with my partner (whom I live with). I get up at 9 A.M.  most days to go to work (he sleeps in till 11...lucky).  I'm at work till 4:30 then I have class till 7.  He works out of the house and most days when I'm home by 7:30-8...he's still working.  We don't really get any one on one time till almost 9 PM.  I like to be in bed by 11pm.  TWO HOURS...WHAT?!?! However, I don't feel any disconnection between either of us and in fact (not to sound too sappy) I feel just as in love and content as I did in the beginning when we were spending six hours a day together. How do couples do this?  When there's no time in the day, how do we manage  to stay connected with the ones we love the most?

Technology my friends. In this day and age we have numerous amounts of different types of technology that can help people stay in contact.  Send texts throughout the day to see how your partner is doing or to tell them something funny that happened to you.  Don't wait till after work or school when you're tired and grumpy.  Tell them right away so they can enjoy it with you.  Skype is also an amazing invention.  If you're lucky enough to have an office all to yourself (as well as your sweetie or he/she is at home) Skype during your lunch break so you two can see each other.  Communication is the key, no matter how little you two get to see of each other. 

Plan date nights. Pick one night during the week that you devote totally to each other and plan a date together.  Yes, I know we all have busy lives but one night a week to spend with your significant other and put away everything else is not going to kill you, it's going to strengthen you.  Just an FYI...although this is acceptable once in a while, date nights should be happening off of your couch and into your city. Boston has a huge array of different restaurants spread all throughout the city.  Open yourselves up to new experiences.  Trying new things together will not only be enjoyable, but it will bring you closer together.

Don't forget to have sex. When people's lives get too hectic and they feel there's not time for anything extra, sex is normally the first thing to go.  According to research, the main reason that men cheat is because they are not feeling loved and desired by their current partner.  Having sex frequently with your significant other makes both partners feel like they are still wanted.  It also brings in a sense of intimacy to relationship.  Not only that, having sex releases endorphins that relieves stress and makes you feel more content (click here to read more about this).  

So don't forget to incorporate sex, text, and date nights into your weekly routine.  Not only will you both feel more connected with one another emotionally and physically, the two-three hours you spend a week together will feel like time well spent.