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How much do you know about decorating?

The Association of Design Education offers classes to the public

I found this fun quiz online and wanted to share it. Have fun!

So you think you know a lot about decorating, take this quiz and find out.

1. Generally, the most effective way to use texture when decorating a room is by
A. selecting one texture only for use throughout the room.
B. combining only similar textures throughout the room.
C. using only smooth textures.
D. combining different textures in ways that provide contrast and balance.

2. Of the following expressions, which best describes the
concept of harmony in a room’s decor?
A. A consistency of mood
B. Strongly contrasting color values
C. A mix of assorted furniture styles
D. An assortment of items in various sizes

3. The word red describes the _______ of a color.
A. hue
B. value
C. intensity
D. shade

4. What is the direct complement of red?
A. Blue
B. Violet
C. Green
D. Yellow

5. Which one of the following colors may sometimes be considered a cool color and at
other times a warm color?
A. Red-orange
B. Blue-green
C. Yellow-orange
D. Red-violet

6. One characteristic of Tudor furniture is its
A. similarity to the Greek classical style.
B. painted ornamentation and ornateness.
C. curved lines.
D. big and sturdy size.

7. Most modern furniture designs are based on the concept that
A. beauty and color combinations should be of prime consideration.
B. designs of the past should be incorporated into modern furniture.
C. the form of an object should develop out of the function it performs.
D. comfort is more important than shape or function.

8. A sideboard is a
A. type of card table.
B. drop-leaf table.
C. chest of drawers.
D. dining room serving piece.

9. Which one of these would you expect to find in a catalog of case goods?
A. Display cabinets
B. Wing chairs
C. End tables
D. Coffee tables

10. Which one of the following types of wood is considered to be a softwood?
A. Pine
B. Maple
C. Oak
D. Mahogany

11. What is the most important feature to consider when you’re
purchasing furniture for a child’s room?
A. Appearance
B. Use
C. Size
D. Safety

12. In decorating an entire room from scratch, including the floor, the floor should
A. be eye-catching.
B. be inconspicuous and practical.
C. enhance the decor by complementing it.
D. provide a neutral-colored background for the room.

13. Which one of these floor treatments would give a room a light, floating quality?
A. Floor darker than walls
B. Floor lighter than walls
C. Highly polished dark wood
D. Unpolished dark wood

14. In a room decor, the most commonly planned function of the walls is to
A. provide a flattering background for the room’s furnishings.
B. serve as a major focal point.
C. provide color contrast to the floors.
D. emphasize or alter the proportions of the room.

15. Which of these floor color treatments would tend to make a room look warmer and cozier?
A. Floor color matching the ceiling
B. Floor color the same color as the walls
C. Floor color a deeper shade than the walls
D. Floor covering in any pale color

If you got 11-15 answers right you should really consider decorating/design for a living.
If you got 6-10 answers right you need a little help but still know a lot about decorating, enough to get you by.
If you got 0-5 answers right you better find your self a local decorator and do not attempt a project alone!

1:D; 2:A; 3:A; 4:C; 5:D; 6:D; 7:C; 8:D; 9:A; 10:A; 11:D; 12:C; 13:B; 14:A; 15:C

For more info: A great online course for decorating is the Penn Foster program.