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How much are your favorite Youtube personalities making?

Youtube Comedian Jenna Mourey in her latest video "Things I don't have time for"
Youtube Comedian Jenna Mourey in her latest video "Things I don't have time for"
Thanks to Youtube for this screenshot

If your favorite Youtube personalities have millions of subscribers, they might be raking in big bucks from advertisements placed before and over their videos.
In 2007, Youtube rolled out its partner program, and today over 1 million people are creating content for Youtube. Bloggers, filmers, gamers, and other people with a camera or computer program to shoot their doings are earning money in 30 countries.
According the Youtube, thousands of Youtube channels are making six figures a year.
How is this possible? Well, more and more companies have started advertising over Youtube in the past seven years, because over 1 billion unique users frequent the Youtube site each month totaling in over 6 billion hours of video being watched per month.
And the content is just steaming in, with about 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute. 80 percent of that traffic is actually coming from outside the United States.
Youtube is now available in 61 countries and 61 different languages.
According to a study done by Nielsen, more adults in the 18 to 34 year old demographic watch Youtube than any cable network out there.
Youtube says they have thousands of advertisers. 75 percent of advertising is skippable, which means that 25 percent of the ads are now not able to be skipped. Youtube even says that a majority of their advertisers are small businesses.
About 40 percent of all video time watched is actually viewed over a mobile device. With Youtube aps available on iPads, Andriod phones, Kindles, and much more millions of devices are logged on to watch videos.
Youtube’s database, Content ID, is able to scan over 400 years of video in a single day. Content ID, used also by movie studios, is among the most comprehensive database of files in the world. It has literally, generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Youtube Partners.
Without further ado, here are the top Youtube earners according to for last year:

15 BoyceAvenue channel made ~$2.3 million
14 Nigahiga channel made ~ $2.3 million
13 ERB channel made ~ $2.4 million
12 CaptainSparklez channel made ~ $3.2 million
11 CollegeHumor channel made ~ $3.3 million
10 RealAnnoyingOrange channel made ~$3.4 million
9 UberHaxorNova channel made ~ $3.5 million
8 RayWilliamJohnson channel made ~ $4 million
7 TobyGames channel made ~ $4.2 million
6 JennaMarbles channel made about ~ $4.3 million
5 BluCollection channel made ~ $4.8 million
4 DisneyCollectorBR channel made ~ $5 million
3 Smosh channel made ~ $5.7 million
2 BlueXephos channel made ~ $6.7 million
1 Pewdiepie channel made ~ $7 million

These of coarse are approximations based on number of views. Nobody really knows how much money these channels generated besides the creators of the channels, Youtube, and the IRS.
Don’t forget that many of these channels include a Youtube personality that sells merchandise off of this and another site, like Jenna Marbles, who sells plush stuffed animal toys in the shape of her dogs Marbles and Kermit.

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